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Trading options successfully requires for one to be correct in both timing and direction. If the underlying asset moves favorably, but not quickly enough, you lose. If it makes a move in the anticipated time, but not in the right direction, you lose again.

And once their demat share trading account is opened they try that and keep losing money.

Even if the underlying asset does nothing, the options could still be a loser since they are wasting assets. The value of options decrease with each passing day Knowing this, why do people trade options? Of course, chances of that happening are slim We take a slow and steady approach with our low-return, high-probability of success trading strategy, without forgetting the importance of Capital Preservation.

10 Percent Per Month

We're not right all the time nobody's perfectbut we know how to manage our losses. This is the key to successful trading. Anyone can open a position Methodology Options are a wasting asset which depreciate over time.

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This results in an overwhelming majority of them expiring worthless Knowing this, we sell credit spreads and have a proven system to profit consistently. Our system may not be for the adrenaline junkie looking to hit a homerun with each trade.

  • 10 Percent Per Month | Stock Gumshoe

Those adrenaline junkies just need the excitement Many fund managers can't even do this over the course of a year! Services Benefits our members receive with a subscription to 5 Percent Per Week.

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Trading Experience Our invaluable expertise in market analysis and trade timing. Certain market conditions may increase or decrease trade volume. Trade Management Constant supervision of open trades to maximize gains and minimize losses.

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Weekly Updates Stay informed of our economy and how it may effect the markets. Autotrading Link with participating brokers to have them automatically submit trades for you.

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Customer Options 10 percent Unlimited e-mail support and unfettered access to our privileged Member's Area. Autotrade Unable to submit orders during market hours?

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Not sure how so enter multi-legged options orders? No fear. You can have your broker Autotrade our alerts in your account for you!

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This options 10 percent a service that a handful of brokers provide which automates trading for our members. You don't have to worry about not being available during a trade alert and possibly missing out on a trade altogether.

10 Percent Return A Month Not Possible From Stock Markets

Define your allocation amounts through your broker and you're all set. That's it! The brokers currently offering Autotrade for our service:.

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