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What is lip reading / speech reading like for deaf/hard of hearing people? | Hear Me Out! [CC]

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You can watch the video below… …listen to the podcast… …or read the transcripts below: What is lip reading like? And I get the feeling that there are a lot of assumptions and myths out there for those who are hearing.

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And they are familiar with lip reading but they just make assumption of what it can do, what it does and how lip trading helps people, how it affects people. So I want to take this opportunity to just let it out there, talk lip trading my own experiences.

Talk about all these myths and assumptions that people have and I want to get rid of it and just to help you understand a bit more about what is lip reading.

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But before we do lip trading, I just want to clarify one thing. It just came naturally for me because I grew up in a hearing world, I grew up in a hearing family. I went to mainstream schoolmainstream university.

And being surrounded by hearing people at my jobs. And because of that, I naturally tried to adjust the way Get bitcoin sv communicate with people and to hear people by focusing on their body language, their lips, their gesture, their facial expressions.

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All these things, they just came naturally to me. And on top of that, I did have a speech therapist.

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I had to go through that process once a week. And also obviously go through audiologists as well. And I remembered one time or many times actually, I do these tests, where not only they do their sound tests where you put the headphones on and you hear the beep and you click your button.


I hated that test because I get it wrong a lot. But like I said, not everyone can lip read. It can be a skill to learn but it lip trading also come naturally depending on your surrounding environment and how you grew up. It might be lip trading for other lip trading.

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They all give me clues of what that person is talking about. It can be very, very hard.

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Meaning you can only do it with one person. So in a group environment, lip reading is pretty much impossible. So lip reading is correct in that term.

Learning to lip read involves developing and practicing certain skills that can make the process much easier and more effective. Interestingly, it is easier to read longer words and whole sentences than shorter words.

That also adds to the whole understanding of what that person is saying. But what does help to clarify what that person is saying, is if you can get a grasp of the context of that conversation.

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And then you connect the dots that way. Yes, that could be it.

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Even if you are lip reading that person as well. For example:.

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