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About this title The concept of profiting from trading volatility is not new, but is known to only a few players kevin connolly options the derivatives industry. Buying and Selling Volatility is the first book to explain this trading strategy in detail without using complex mathematics.

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Offering a new approach to the subject of options, seen purely from a volatility viewpoint, the author uses illustrations to clearly explain the connection between volatility and options. He explains how investors can profit from the volatility, or lack of volatility, of an option price regardless of whether the market rises or falls.

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Useful to both novice investors and professional traders, Buying and Selling Volatility also supplies the reader with a risk management software system that is comparable to those used commercially. From the Publisher: Buying and Selling Volatility explains, with the extensive use of diagrams, how one can profit from the volatility or lack of it of the price of an instrument, irrespective of the direction of the price.

It provides a unique approach to the subject of options, seen purely from a volatility viewpoint.

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Clearly explains the connection between volatility and options without recourse to complex maths. An accessible guide for students, it also offers experts a fresh look at instruments they have been trading for years.

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Contains risk management software Microsoft excel on disk similar to the high price commercial versions. About the Author: Kevin B. He kevin connolly options joined Cresvale International AssetManagement as Director responsible for instituting scientific riskmanagement for Cresvale's principal Japanese warrants market-makingsection.

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He is currently undertaking research into complexvolatility trading for Refco Overseas Ltd, and is setting up salesand trading systems for Japanese warrants and convertible bonds forIndependent Capital Corporation.

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