You can make money at home by coloring your eyebrows with henna,

you can make money at home by coloring your eyebrows with henna

I also have little interest in filling them in every day. And yet I do.

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  2. How to Tint Eyebrows at Home | Best Eyebrow Tinting Kits That Work
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It's less than ideal. But with a little dye, all of that changes. Yes, I'm talking at-home eyebrow tinting. With a few materials and a little know-how, all the little baby hairs that are otherwise invisible fill out, and suddenly my eyebrows have shape.

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In just a few minutes, my whole situation changes, and I don't have to carefully pencil in my brows using delicate "hair-like" strokes. This certainly isn't a huge time or money commitment especially considering the long list of other salon services I indulge inbut it feels unnecessary regardless. On the contrary, you can learn how to tint your eyebrows the DIY way like I did, and it will save you a you can make money at home by coloring your eyebrows with henna bucks and a few trips to the salon.

Scroll down to learn more about my experience with DIY eyebrow tinting. Eyebrow tinting uses semi-permanent dye to temporarily enhance, shape, and define brows.

I Do My Own Eyebrow Tinting—Here's How

The best part, at least for those who want to attempt it themselves, is that it's pretty straightforward. But brow tinting gives the same effect as brow makeup think bold, defined brows without adding 10 minutes to your morning makeup routine.

It's shockingly easy, I swear: Slap on some color, wait a minute, wipe it off. It always seemed like something I could do. And so I did.

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And I haven't paid for an in-salon eyebrow tinting since. When eye-balling the amount of developer you need to add, it helps to push all the powder color to one side of the bowl. Using the little wooden stick provided, mix it into a creamy paste. Jenna Peffley Some instructions may call for you to apply the color with a spoolie, but I like to use the little wooden stick because it gives me more control.

Editors handpick every product that we feature. We may earn commission from the links on this page. Nov 16, Getty Images Even if you're stuck at home or strapped for cash, don't give up on your dreams of getting the darkerfuller-looking eyebrows you've always wanted. Especially if you have absolutely zero desire to spend oodles of time and money on them—hi, hello, and welcome to your new favorite product: at-home brow tints. Yes, dyeing your own brows seems intimidating and almost certainly a bad decision, but trust: Each one of these kits is not only ridiculously fool-proof, but gives surprisingly natural-looking results, so you'll get brows like Gisele, not Groucho Marx.

Start at the front of your brow the hair is denser there and simply dab on the dye all the way through to the end of your brow. Jenna Peffley Once you've done one eyebrow—saturating every hair—stop.

This is extremely important if you want your brows to match. Gafni advises leaving the formula on for seven to 10 minutes, but it's important to note that processing times will vary.

For the light brown color on my blonde brows, it takes about one minute.

December 20, by Clinically Proven: Our formula has been proven to help boost thickness and length of eyelashes with only 3 weeks of daily use.

Have your timer or iPhone stopwatch ready. This was the scary part for me during my first adventure in at-home brow tinting, but I can assure you it's really not that bad.

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I've actually added about 15 or 20 seconds to my processing time because spoiler alert the at-home tint does fade faster than an in-salon version. And if you end up looking too dark, there are a few quick fixes more on that later! Jenna Peffley Using a wet cotton pad or paper towel, wipe off the color. You'll need to use a bit of pressure.

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Jenna Peffley In my experience, it doesn't just wipe off. You will need to give it a gentle scrub back and forth. The important part is just making sure you remove it all. If you don't, whatever color remains will continue to process.

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Jenna Peffley Do it all over again on the second brow. Jenna Peffley If you get color on your skin like I diduse a damp cotton swab to wipe it away. Jenna Peffley One minute later, and it's time for removal round two. Aftercare If you happen to have a major stain on your skin that doesn't wipe off easily, don't worry—it will come off.

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You want the results to be uniform. As explained above, if your brows come out too light, go ahead and do the process over—just make sure your eyebrows are completely dry before you try again. Too dark? Give it another scrub with cleanser and follow up with toner.

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Still too dark? As I mentioned before, the tint will fade. Most claim to last up to six weeks, but I find myself ready for a refresh by week three or four. Next, watch a celebrity brow artist's step-by-step guide on eyebrow grooming. Related Stories.

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