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Binarex – The new Tradologic binary options exchange

The company have been concentrating on setting up a monitored binary options exchange named Binarex.

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So a buyer and a seller agree their price, with the broker taking a small commission for facilitating the trade. His company remains in talks with several financial binary options on the exchange both in and outside of the European Union, and has been met with a warm reception.

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Many of these regulators inform him that he should expect to be met with a much more welcoming regulatory setting. Earlier in the year, the company partnered with Cantor Exchange, which allowed their white labels to access the American market through an approved Exchange Commission deal.

Tradologic is expecting to launch this model at the Finance Magnates London Summit, which takes place at The Brewery on 14th and 15th November.

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With any exchange trade, the success will depend on the liquidity in the market. Low volume can lead to deals not being matched, or poor value trades.

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With a firm on the scale of Tradologic involved, the liquidity should be high, giving traders a good opportunity of making the deals they want. As the platform grows, so should the volume. The first binary options exchange?

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The Tradologic Binarex platform will not be the first binary options exchange. IG offer binaries on an exchange basis, as do Nadex.

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