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It is hard work leading a sales team and developing a sales approach these days. They also seek ways to get around gated content. Many of them prefer chatbots and email over phone. This is not confined to younger people. And so is an ageing population At the other end of the spectrum the population is ageing, and it is estimated that 2 billion people will be aged over 60 by This ageing population will create new service and product opportunities from health and caring services to technology and leisure.

In basic terms sales material may need different design, web sites may need larger fonts, language may need to be adapted, etc.

In the first part, he talks about current sales trends and what they mean for your company and customers. How can you enable your employees to work digitally and to get to know and use digital tools? Collected data is actively used in sales and new insights can be gained from them. Despite, for example, being in different offices and even different continents, colleagues can work together collaboratively without having to meet in person. The goal is to win employees who are familiar with digital media and who know how to actively use them in sales.

Empowered Customers Whether your customers are old or young they will both be more empowered. These consumers can source products from anywhere in the world and check prices in an instant across thousands of sites on their smartphone.

Job Description Templates & Examples for Sales & Marketing | FP Executive Recruitment

These customers can often know more about products than sales people themselves. This can be through content such as guides, case studies, market reports, newsletters, reviews etc. This development is blurring the lines between marketing and selling.

Mix trend sales representative needs to support the sales process well beyond awareness to consideration and conversion. Global sales processes need to address issues from cultural adaptation to pricing disparities to differing sales taxes. Image of customers online from Intercom. Thus more than ever sales teams need to be experts in their own right and know about all the latest news and developments in the industry they operate.

Sales people need to stay updated on their industry and their clients every day. This is particularly true of the younger generation who are happy to engage online.

Moving customers along the sales funnel using social networks is a new challenge and skill. For B2B this largely means LinkedIn and Twitter though customers hang out in every social network — you have to find them.

The advantage of social selling is a relationship established on interest by prospect, rather than sales push. Field sales declining As a consequence of the changes above we are seeing a decline in field sales staff. People may not have the time for meetings or lunches mix trend sales representative they once did and are happy using collaborative technology and doing more calls and online meetings. This is changing the nature of sales teams. Customer service and social networks Social networks are also now a channel for customer service and support.

The younger generation in particular expects fast, personalised service. Social media has become mix trend sales representative home for customer service. Sales teams need to monitor and be aware of discussions taking place on social.

Same day responses are not good mix trend sales representative People want fast fulfilment. Companies such as Amazon recognise this and mix trend sales representative aiming not just for same day delivery but delivery mix trend sales representative hours. There are even higher expectations for support responses and sales enquires.

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Either way the sale may have been made elsewhere. Social Networks are always on. Customer Service Tools like Slack and Intercom are always on.

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So you have to be too. Speaking of. Third generation internet and tool stacks The internet is changing, if the first generation was desktop and the second was mobile, the third generation includes the internet of things and platform as a service. This is changing the way services are provided.

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Sales teams themselves need a stack of tools to manage their work and the sales process. This stack of tools needs to be seamlessly integrated from collateral, customer management, expenses, leads, daily briefings, customer support through to team chats. Virtual reality Virtual reality will change the way people buy and test products.

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Whilst it is early days we can expect to see more use of virtual reality within the sales process. New competitors Competitors can startup faster than ever these days.

In the Age of Information, data is all around us. If your sales team can use it to its advantage, your business has everything to gain. That's where sales performance charts come in. These days, working with rough estimates or ambiguous data will not get you ahead of the competition - working with accurate, interactive visualizations will. And in this hyper-connected landscape, sales charts and graphs are powerful tools that will improve your performance.

Supported by SaaS platforms they can operate globally and scale as they need to. The new competitors may also come from a completely different sector. Business models are changing and allowing new companies to compete with established competitors. Will you see them coming or wake up to find our business has been Ubered?

The best sales teams will need to use data more to understand customers, opportunities and retention. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will help sales people identify the people most likely to buy at the points they are ready to buy or need a solution. Customers will increasingly expect personalisation to meet their needs. Significant shifts in market demand The demand for products and service may shift and change very quickly.

Sales teams need to be providing feedback and communicating with product and research teams to stay ahead of new trends. Discounts and loyalty programs We are seeing a growing proportion of sales coming from discounts and loyalty programs. Companies are trying to deepen relationships and keep customers in a world where it is easy to switch to a new product or service.

How are you developing relationships and how far are you using loyalty and discount programs?

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The growth in content is unrelenting, how will people find your content in this huge sea of articles? Saying something original and high quality is one aspect. But you also have to promote it and ensure influencers see value in your content and share it. Content that answers questions What questions are your customers asking? One way to ensure customers find your content is produce the best answers to the questions they are asking.

You need to produce comprehensive and helpful content that addresses the issues they face. As Lee Odden says, you should be the best answer. The importance of search Search has been important for many years but the nature of search is changing. Good content and links to your content will remain critical to ranking highly.

Sales Trend Research: Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales

As it becomes harder to rank in search, companies will need to become more adept at paid search ads and placing content where their customers hang out. The importance of influencers in the sales process The overwhelming volume of content also means that consumers will find ways to filter what they need to know from a noisy world. One important filter is influencers. People increasingly find and buy services and products through recommendations by influencers.

Look at how You Tube celebrities shift product through endorsement or use of products. The growing barriers to advertising and its reach and effectiveness will lead to a renewed focus on influencers in the sales process.

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Who are the influencers for your audience? Recruiting and developing sales talent will be a major challenge in the coming years.

2017 Sales Trend Research: Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales

This growth is unevenly distributed across the world but it will provide new sales opportunities. These people will increasingly live in cities, it is estimated that two thirds of the population will live in cities by Summary These are just some of the trends we see taking place.

What trends did we miss? One way to keep your sales team on top of the trends and latest news in your sector is with Anders Pink. Here is a briefing on all latest articles about or published by Saba LMS.

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