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Of the above questions, the Alexander Purnov options trading School of Trading is causing the most questions. Sentiment trading people consider him a professional liar, and some are quite successful.

In the course of their activities, negative feedback was received by Alexander Purnov. What is he really like? At the moment, he is known as a professional Russian trader, creator of a trading school and teacher.

He runs a personal YouTube channel and a website where he teaches newbies how to make profitable deals. She specializes in both currency auctions and securities. Later, starting inthe trader sold futures, financial documents that are entered into the market when buying or selling certain assets, having previously agreed on a price and delivery time, on the FORTS market, where various financial assets are traded.

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After receiving his own experience, inAlexander became a teacher at a school where he taught beginners all the nuances of the market and the most profitable purchase or sale of assets. Teacher career Thanks to the experience gained, Alexander achieved some success and decided to teach this to others, inviting on informative and interesting webinars and online courses.

According to traders, Alexander Purnov is purnov options purnov options trading a professional in his field. It is known that he currently has about students who are already successfully engaged in market trade. Alexander is also the author of the courses, which describes in detail the strategic approach to trading.

In order to make successful deals, the trader was studying the Ishimoku indicator, which was developed in the s by a Japanese analyst, Goichi Hosoda.

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The indicator allows you to analyze the state of the market and identify trends, as well as assess the profitability of a particular purchase or sale for the current period of time. Later, Purnov became interested in the VSA method Volume Spread Analysis - analysis of the volume or spreadwhich allowed the use of monetary volumes obtained purnov options trading trading for a certain period of time.

Thanks to this, it was possible to find large participants in the market. In his courses, the trader also acquaints the students with the implementation of a go-to analysis, which is part of this system and allows them to successfully engage in trading. The essence of these methods is the analysis of the market situation and drawing up a plan for buying or selling assets. Judging by the reviews about Purnov options trading Purnov, many people like his teaching method.

What can you learn in the school of trading Alexander Purnova On the official website of this school, everyone has the opportunity to enroll in courses on various topics. Different learning formats are offered for selection: listener - independent viewing of video lessons without the possibility of communication with the teacher; Participant - live courses where you can ask questions.

As a rule, purnov options trading of training are purnov options trading different in prices. According to students, Alexander Purnov takes such money for good reason: the result is worth it. Purnov options trading, students have the opportunity to choose a package of practical exercises: 10, 20 or Each lesson in a trading school, as a rule, consists of a theoretical part, where the teacher explains the necessary options are call options and the essence of the business itself.

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Then there are practical classes, as a result of which the student, under the supervision of a professional, can try to complete his first transaction. Online courses are divided into levels, that is, for beginners and people with little experience on the exchange. The site even has a "Closed Club" for traders, in which newcomers participate in the morning market review and have the opportunity to meet with a mentor.

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The goal of this club is to maximize students immersion in the buying and selling environment and improve their professional skills. The entrance fee to such a club costs 15, rubles. Opinions about Alexander Purnov and his activities If you go to the main website of the trading school, you can see a lot of reviews about the Alexander Purnov trading school, and they are all positive. People write that they really like the gay analysis and thanks to him they have made several successful deals.

School of Trading Alexander Purnova: reviews - Trading -

Reviews about Alexander Purnova are laid out in audio and video formats. In his blog, the link to which is also on the main school website, the trader writes that there are both positive and negative reviews about his activities, but the latter, he said, are only motivated to improve learning and purnov options trading him to analyze his mistakes and never no more repeating.

Activity in doubt Despite the fact that the trader is so optimistic about negative comments, there are still a lot of negative reviews about Purnov options trading Purnov. This review made some people doubt the activity of a professional. The next negative review about the trading school of Alexander Purnov was a comment about too high tuition fees, which can reach thousand rubles.

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According to the author of the review, only A. Gerchik, who has proven himself one of the most successful traders, can request such amounts.

Japanese candles; Fundamental.

Williams without adding something new. The purnov options trading of such reviews are also outraged that while Alexander requires such a lot of money for their lessons.

Trading: real earnings or a waste of time?

The inability to create a complete picture of the trader's way purnov options trading success is also attributed to the "minuses" of his activity - all information is blurred and there are no clear indications of actions. Positive opinions Despite a sufficient number of negative comments about the activities of the trader, there are positive reviews about the school of Alexander Purnov, which form the following "advantages" of the teaching methods: maintaining an interesting information blog, where you can find even more useful material than on paid courses.

Alexander conducts webinars in direct mode, which allows students to talk with the teacher in local bitcoin login, ask him important questions, and also sort out some tasks about trading in the market; using the VSA method, which is the most correct purnov options trading logical assessment of the market, allowing you to monitor the trading situation and make successful profitable transactions at a particular point in time.

The main problem is after training … The problem is how you will be taught in real time. In fact, knowledge is something for everyone. Thus, there is a sufficient amount of both positive and negative reviews about the courses of Alexander Purnov. Some students consider his teaching purnov options trading to be disingenuous and useless, while others, on the contrary, admire his talent for conducting successful transactions, and it is understandable that it is interesting to explain all this to people.

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