How to make money for a session. How can you make money using Sessions

how to make money for a session

Get access to the whole thing for free by going here and submitting your email address. Livestreaming is all the rage nowadays. But the truth is, musicians you and I have never heard of have been building their fanbase and making a living from livestreaming for years now.

You probably have already heard of the big competitors in the livestreaming space — platforms like Twitch, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live.

Great, now how do I actually make money as a photographer?

Sessions is barely even out of beta and developing rapidly — and their team is frequently hitting up artists to get set up and go live. NEXT Music basically allowed artists to perform livestreams in the app while users perused other features. Eventually, the livestream portion of NEXT Music became so popular that the developers spun off a new app called Sessions, which is exclusively meant to be a place for musicians to livestream.

Sessions is the most rapidly developing of the platforms. They just launched a desktop version for viewers, though the major focus is on mobile viewers. As a streamer, you can currently only go live via desktop. As of right now, you have to apply to join via a Google form and be sure to check the Bandzoogle box in the last field so that how to make money for a session know Bandzoogle sent you.

Sessions has also been working to integrate email login features to make this a more intuitive process for artists. When it comes to going live, there used to be three ways.

However, Sessions has recently made a primary focus on its own OBS integration. Initially, users were asked to go live on YouTube and share a private, unlisted link.

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However, the OBS feature on the Sessions dashboard is officially out of beta and they are recommending all artists create an OBS feed to send to Sessions, similar to the most common way to go live on other platforms like Twitch and Mixer. For instance, on Twitch you can easily add song options to your song list in the middle of a stream. Sessions also has a slightly confusing mechanism for gamifying the platform.

Once you understand it, it makes sense. But getting there takes a second. For starters, your viewers can become your followers, or they can go another level deeper and become crew members. Users have different "missions" to complete weekly, all of which help the artist whose Crew you've joined. These are similar to bits or stars on any of the other platforms. Fans can give you Love on the stream. There is a minimum love donation for requesting songs you put in your song list and the ways you incentivize users to give you Love are really how to make money for a session to you.

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Sessions has a group of artists called Touring Artists. These are kind of like Affiliates in Twitch, though the method for selecting Touring Artists is a little less clear. That said, Touring Artists can schedule their streams in the artist dashboard for guaranteed amounts of Love.

Make BIG Money with Mini Sessions

Meaning Sessions will pay them a small hourly amount to stream. However, that process can take up to two months between having your cashout request approved and having the money sent to you. It shouldn't take that long normally, but it could. Expect it to definitely take at least a month, which is fairly standard at this point.

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That means you can have absolutely no prior presence on the app and still get in front of a global audience. Think of it kind of like the digital version of performing on the newcomer stage at a big open-air how to make money for a session. People are there because they want to see music. When you first start, you may have dozens of people watching you but only one or two chatting.

How to Make Money As a Photographer

You can get people to follow you, though, which will eventually increase the likelihood of more people popping in for your future streams. Sessions is also in the midst of trying some cool things with certain artists. How likely are your fans to watch you on Sessions About as likely as Twitch, honestly.

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Maybe a little less right now just because it's a much newer platform. However, there isn't that much of a learning curve. You can download the app and start watching artists right away.

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But you will definitely need to give your fans the link to the app and to the desktop version to help them find it easily. But, just as with anything else, you get out what you put in. How much data and analytics does Sessions give you Currently, not much. Like, not even as much as Instagram level. That might be expected given the relative age of the platform, but you get next to no information about your followers and fans, much less summaries about your streams and viewers.

So who is Sessions right for? Brand New Artists will really appreciate the feeling that people are watching right off the bat. Other than that, all of the things that apply to new artists apply to these artists, too.

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They will be ahead of the curve for artists in their profile if they adopt Sessions Live but still might not ultimately want to take part in something that is still very early stages.

But with a little bit of messages, they could certainly bring over at least a few fans and easily compete for some of those sweet weekly bonuses.

Sell music, merch, and tickets, take direct donations, pledges for crowdfunding, and create monthly fan subscriptions from your website, all commission-free.

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