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Khrushchev Twist

I made sure the voice mail was still on, and then I locked the door to my office and started working again.


I still felt weak, but not as bad as I'd felt inside the restaurant; in review of binary options traders few hours I'd probably be fine. I worked on another draft of my Prime Net article, and then Matt Stern, a young reporter at the magazine, sent me his article to edit.

It was a well-written piece about a chain of watch stores that were expanding around the tri-state area. If Peter Lyons were still associate editor he would've decimated the article, extending the sentences into run-ons and adding adverbs and Britishisms.

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But I edited with a light hand, enhancing Mart's own style, rather than imposing my own. When I was through I read the article over and was very pleased. I was a damn good editor. Toward five o'clock, the effects of whatever had gotten me sick earlier had almost completely worn off.

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On my way home, I picked up some safe food to eat bread, yogurt, ginger ale, and bananas. I was relieved to see only a few reporters camped out in front of my building, and I ignored the questions they shouted at me as I went inside.

When I opened the door to my apartment, the phone started ringing. Although I detected some suspicion in his voice, I wasn't very concerned. I figured if there had been a really important development he wouldn't be contacting me by telephone. Alvarado was a strong guy. We just don't buy that Rebecca Daniels was able to kill him, causing those kind of head injuries. On the other twist and make money tckfnyj, when a guy and his girlfriend are killed less than a couple days apart we gotta think there's some connection.

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You have any other ideas how your girlfriend might've come into contact with Alvarado? Miller, but I'm conducting an investigation" "There's nothing to investigate," I said, nearly screaming. Maybe Rebecca did kill him, but I told you everything I know.

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I'm sure you won't hesitate to do the same. Rather than saying it was obvious that Rebecca hadn't killed Ricky, I should've tried to convince Romero that Rebecca had done it, suddenly remembering some story about a drug dealer she was in debt to. I twist and make money tckfnyj that the longer Romero dug around, trying to figure out what had happened to Ricky, the more likely he'd stumble on the truth. I had other messages on my machine and I played all of them. Aside from the messages from Romero and Aunt Helen, a few of my old friends had called, saying that they'd read about Rebecca in the papers and wanted to check on how I was doing.

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I ate half a banana and a spoonful of yogurt, but I was too aggravated to eat anything else. I imagined Romero questioning Kenny, and Kenny turning me in or holding out to blackmail me either way I'd lose. I considered beating Kenny to the punch and calling Romero back.

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I could swear that Ricky's death had been an accident, but why would Romero believe me now? It wouldn't help my case that Charlotte, the only person who could back up my story, was dead.

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I was short of breath and starting to sweat. What else did Kellerman say about me? You'd be better off with me gone. Maybe we should go someplace, the Berkshires or Vermont, or how about Europe?

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I saw an ad in the paper for cheap tickets to Paris. Some new story had probably broken that was more interesting than Rebecca's, and pretty soon Rebecca's story would fade completely.

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As for Kenny, now that he was being questioned and maybe watched by the police he'd probably decide that trying to blackmail me was too much trouble. If I was lucky, I'd never hear from him again. At work, I remained in my office most of the day, editing several articles.

I also worked on my Prime Net article, which was getting even more positive. Around lunchtime Angie dropped by, suggesting we go out, but I told her I was too busy.

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Later in the day I saw her talking to another reporter in the corridor outside my office, and I went in a different direction to avoid her. On my way home, I said to Barbara, "Okay, you want me to become my own person I'll become my own person. I usually never spent more than ten bucks on wine, but I asked the owner to suggest a cabernet in the thirty-dollar range. At home, I sipped the Chateau Montelena with my eyes closed, trying to appreciate its nuances, and then I decided I'd have to make other changes in my life.

I'd throw out my rock CDs and replace them with a collection of light jazz and twist and make money tckfnyj.

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I'd redecorate my apartment, get classier furniture from Restoration Hardware or Ethan Allen. And I'd take a class at the Culinary Institute, learn how to cook French food.

Wednesday morning I was still feeling upbeat about myself and the future when I entered my office building and got the shit kicked out of me.

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It happened so fast I didn't realize what was happening until I was on my back in front of the revolving door and punches were landing against my face. Finally, a twist and make money tckfnyj guard pulled Robert Lipton off of me. Lipton looked like a wreck his thin gray hair hanging over his scruffy face, his eyes swollen and puffy, as if he hadn't gotten any sleep in days.

I realized that the edition of Manhattan Business with the negative article I'd written about Lipton's company had hit the newsstands. I'll fuckin' kill you!

Two cops showed up. After the security guard explained what had happened, one of the cops asked me if I wanted to press charges. I declined.

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I didn't want any unnecessary involvement with the police, but I also felt bad about what I'd done to Lipton and I didn't want to screw up his life more than I already had. The injuries to my face from Ricky and Rebecca had almost disappeared, but now I had a fresh welt on my left cheekbone and my upper lip was swollen and bleeding.

The security guard had given me a first-aid ice pack, but Lipton had gotten a few good whacks in and it didn't help much. I was hoping to lock myself in my office and stay there all twist and make money tckfnyj to avoid any attention, but Mike, the guy Angie had dated, had been downstairs in the lobby while the cops were talking to me, and when I arrived in the office he twist and make money tckfnyj already told everyone what had happened. Holding the icepack up to my face, I had to hold court in the office's reception area, giving my account of the incident.

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Everyone expressed their sympathy, and then Jeff took me aside and tried to persuade me to press charges. Jeff said he understood, but he still thought I was making a mistake. In my office, I tried to block out what had happened with Lipton and focus on work.

A few articles had been e-mailed to me for editing, including one of Angie's. Since I'd been at Manhattan Business I'd always written my articles as quickly as possible, treating my work simply as a job, a means of making money.

Now, as an editor, I worked much more diligently, laboring over every word, making sure each twist and make money tckfnyj was as good as it could possibly be. The only break I took from work all day was during my lunch hour, when I browsed the Net for information about upcoming wine tastings in the New York area.

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