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ooo xelius trading
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The Xelius SL is a brand new model from Lapierre, a complete overhaul of the previous version with a lighter frame and a focus on improved handling. Visually, the biggest departure from the previous model is in the way the seat stays bypass the seat tube and join the top tube. Far from being a comfort aid, Lapierre says this approach actually saved weight compared to the seat stays meeting the seat tube, as less reinforcing carbon fibre is required.

There is a slight comfort benefit however, with noticeably more flex when riding in the saddle. They have attempted to make the top half of the frame lighter, and one solution has been to build a special hatch in ooo xelius trading underside of the down tube to house the Shimano Di2 battery.

The battery mounts to a cover and that slides into place, providing easy access should you need it, and it's sealed from the elements.

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Lapierre claims the benefit of keeping weight low in the frame is improved handling, especially when the bike ooo xelius trading being slung from side to side, whether climbing or pushing the bike through corners.

This isn't something that there is a standard test for, but Lapierre told road.

ooo xelius trading

Other details include the front brake caliper being recessed into the fork blades, an integrated seat clamp, and a Which is a shame as it's a nicer looking paint job than the standard team bike, pictured at the bottom of this article.

Fitted to the bars is the optional Shimano Di2 shifter buttons, allowing him to change gear from the tops without moving his hands.

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And SRM chain catcher to stop chain derailment. His saddle of choice is a Fizik Arione VS finished in team colours.

ooo xelius trading

This is the standard team bike colour. See all the bikes from the Tour de France here.

ooo xelius trading

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This process, known as 3D Tubular Technology, saves a significant amount of weight. This process also allows for it to flex slightly, which makes the bike more comfortable. We at Lapierre use four distinct fibre types, each with its own characteristics. Our engineers can use these different fibres to adapt the stiffness, flex and strength needed for the parts of the frame in question. High-strength fibre is what you will need for shock absorption and comfort: seatpost, chainstays, seatstays or even the whole frame.

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