How important is financial independence for a woman

how important is financial independence for a woman

Why Financial Independence is Important for Women in South Africa The unfortunate reality is that, according to researchwomen often stay in abusive relationships because their partners have financial control over them.

Let's face it. Love is an emotion. We never know how it comes and how it goes.

In many cases, women have children to look after and are afraid that they will not be able to provide for them should they leave their abusive partner and, therefore, feel have no other choice but to stay. It is common for abusive husbands or partners to withhold all forms of financial resources from their spouses, preventing them from accessing the money freely.

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As a result, women depend on their partners for basic necessities such as food and shelter. Although this is a difficult topic to address, gender-based violence is a sad reality in South Africa which requires much attention. However, women can take back their power by becoming financially independent so that if they find themselves with an abusive partner, they have the means and the confidence to leave.

how important is financial independence for a woman

In fact, women of all ages and from all walks of life can apply these few rules in order to achieve financial independence. This fund should be entirely separate from the household finances so that it can be accessed at any time that it becomes necessary.

One of the best savings accounts in South Africa for an emergency fund is a tax-free savings account.

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There are many ways that one can bring in extra income which can be saved in addition to existing monthly savings or investments. Whether it be a side hustle or selling of unwanted goods, every bit counts.

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Steer Clear from Debt How important is financial independence for a woman is a difference between good and bad debt. Bad debt should be avoided at all costs as it weighs down on your ability to be financially stable and independent.

how important is financial independence for a woman

This includes clothing accounts, credit cards and fancy new cars. Although the idea of buying now and paying later is attractive, it can be a one-way ticket to overwhelming debt which is the biggest hurdle to financial freedom.

Speak to a Financial Advisor It can be difficult to wrap your head around the world of finances, investments, interest rates and stocks.

However, there is no reason to stay in the dark and feel your way around. Speaking to a financial advisor is hugely beneficial as they can help you get the most out of your money. Financial advisors are trained and skilled in developing a plan specific to your individual needs and financial circumstances that will help you reach your goals.

how important is financial independence for a woman

Olemera — Financial Advisors in Johannesburg Our financial advisors acknowledge the plight of women in South Africa regarding gender-based violence and inequalities that directly impact their ability to achieve financial independence.

Therefore, we aim to provide essential financial advice for women who would like to achieve financial freedom and independence as we believe this is key to living a life free from domestic abuse.

how important is financial independence for a woman

If you would like to speak about the importance of financial freedom for women in South Africa, or for more tips on how important is financial independence for a woman to achieve this, feel free to stockpeir binary options our financial advisors in Johannesburg.

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