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What is a training video? Simply put, a training video is video-based content that shows someone how to do something.

Why create training videos? Video is the perfect media for how-tos and training because you can both show and tell viewers what they need to know. Plus, video is inherently more engaging than text-only methods. Think about it. Which would you rather do: Read 10 pages of black and white video tutorials options telling you how to do something or watch a video that shows you exactly the steps to take? They key lies in having the right software and a little guidance.

I use TechSmith Camtasia to make all of my videos, and I highly recommend it. Camtasia is easy enough that literally anyone can video tutorials options it, but powerful enough that even seasoned video pros will find it satisfies nearly all their video needs.

Part 5: The true cost of making tutorial, training, and explainer videos Part 1: What is an instructional video? An instructional video is any video that demonstrates a process, transfers knowledge, explains a concept, or shows someone how to do something.

There are a few key steps that will help ensure success. Step 1: Pick your topic The first thing to do when creating training videos is to select a useful, relevant topic.

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In fact, our research shows that the number one reason people keep watching a video is because they were genuinely interested in the topic. So selecting the right topic for your audience is incredibly important. And, to select the right topic, first you need to know who your audience is. You must develop a thorough understanding of your audience and their needs. Tailor how to open a binary options website research methods to the location and size of your audience.

If your assignment is to train your customers, then you video tutorials options conduct interviews with them. Consider the availability of video tutorials options forums and other resources as a way to guide you as you refine your topic. A series is an excellent way to make training videos that are useful and easy to digest.

Step 2: Choose the type of training video you want to create The next step in creating an engaging training video is to choose a format. As you start to work on the video, consider the resources available, your timeline, and stakeholder expectations.

Different types of training videos take different video tutorials options of time and effort to complete. Similarly, different formats will lend themselves to different types of knowledge sharing.

If you are training people on a new software or computer system, this will likely be at least a part of your video. Screencasts can range from informal to highly polished productions. Presenter video For live training, consider recording it to create a presenter video.

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Then, you can edit the recording and use it as part of your learning program. Role play In a role play video, a scenario is acted out to help viewers picture and better understand the way a particular interaction should go.

They are good for training viewers on how to handle things like sales calls, technical support processes, and other social interactions. Animation Animated explainer videos use text and graphics to get their message across.

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Interactive video Interactive videos are a newer format. They can be a good way to get your viewers involved. If you want people to experience how different decisions play video tutorials options, you might give this a try.

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The scenes layout in order, the visuals are neat, and the words just need to be said aloud. Of course, if you go straight to recording video tutorials options video without any prep work, it becomes clear that all of these things are not as organized and perfect as they appear in our imagination. I know because I have done it. The first and most important prep task is to write a script.

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Start a document in your favorite word processor and start writing what you want to say. After scripting, create a storyboard.

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A storyboard demonstrates the visual sequence of a video through simple sketches or images. I usually capture a few screenshots or take pictures to get a concrete idea of what I want to show in my video. Stick figures work just fine.

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This step will give you a better idea of your overall video length before you begin recording or editing. Anyone can record an excellent screencast with just a little practice.

Leverage existing assets and templates TechSmith Assets is a great way to start work on your video.

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Use a video introoutroand lower thirds templates that can be edited to match company and brand standards to get started. Then pick from overresources, including video tutorials options backgrounds, animations, images, and music to get the what tokens can you need.

Annotations In screencasts and other videos, annotations are a great way to draw attention to particular things. Text overlays Placing text on your video helps you keep things visually intriguing while hammering home key points.

Use it in lower thirds graphics to introduce speakers or emphasize a point or idea. Animations Make text and shapes move into your video or along the screen. Animations are excellent for keeping visuals varied and intriguing in your video tutorials options videos. Custom animations are one option, but Camtasia Behaviors are an easy way to quickly add creative movement to text, shapes, and other graphics in your videos. In screencasts, this is done by recording your webcam and then switching to that footage at opportune moments, usually the beginning and end.

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With interactive hotspotsyou can send viewers to a specific point in a video, ask them to respond to input or guide viewers to the next step in a series. Additionally, having other sets of eyes take a look is the best way to ensure there are no mistakes like typos or design flaws in the final product. Then, invite people to review it or enable the public link to send to a group of people. Reviewers can leave comments, mark up the video with shapes, arrows or text, and respond to one anotherall within Video Review.

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When reviewers have finished providing feedback, use their comments to iterate on your initial video, checking the suggestions off as you address them in your project. Once all of the feedback has been incorporated, go back through the feedback loop, uploading the new version of your video for another round of feedback.

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Feedback and review are two of the most effective ways to make a great video, so take your time on this step. It may make sense to go through it two or even three times to make sure your video is just right.

This is the prime time when we make the video available to our viewers. The first thing to do is to produce the video.

The Ultimate Guide to Easily Make Instructional Videos

Producing your video renders it from the video editor into a video file. Unless you have a reason not to, I suggest producing video tutorials options video as an MP4 at the same size you edited it.

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For more information on producing a video with Camtasia, check out our tutorial on producing and sharing. Hosting is how a video video tutorials options made available to viewers. If you want to make your video public, I would suggest making a YouTube video. YouTube is great for learning content.

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Another option is to use Screencast. If you created your video with Camtasia, you can even produce videos straight to Screencast. Make your own training video Free template!

How to Make Great Training Videos

Need to make a training video? Download a free trial of Camtasia and a free video template to quickly and easily make your own videos. Frequently asked questions What is a training video? An online training video, whether for employee training or customer training, is a video dedicated to educating viewers on a specific topic video tutorials options the goal of teaching a skill or knowledge.

How do you make effective training videos? The number one thing to do to create a high-quality training video is to make sure the content is relevant and relatable.

Where can I host a training video? YouTube and Vimeo are examples of hosting sites, but there are a number of other video tutorials options to host your video content.

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Can I use YouTube for training videos? How do you create a training video? You video tutorials options need a camera or screen recorder, a good microphone, and some video editing software.

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