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The era of artificial intelligence: how robots manage capital Interview with Alexander Tatarsky, creator of the quantum fund How well do you know artificial intelligence? We were able to interview Alexander Tatarsky — an experienced trader, co-founder and financial director of the Mercury Foundation — a fund that manages capital through A.

Alexander introduced us to the concept of his organization and explained the 50 idea behind the project. How did you start and why did you decide to choose this particular field?

Before those events, I was always very interested in economics thanks to my economic education! I always wanted to get closer to understanding the essence of these processes. However, untilI was just a curious observer.

I read books, watched major events, learned to compare facts. I was running a business that had nothing to do with the markets. The events of encouraged me to make my first where a student can make money deals. And then I realized that this 000 on binary options is not only about self-development and curiosity — 50 could also become a source of permanent income.

With the right approach, this income can be much higher than in other sectors of the economy. So the choice was made. What were the reasons for creating an Investment Foundation managed by 000 on binary options intelligence? Anyone who is professionally engaged in money management considers automation at some point.

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  2. He said his company was on the cutting edge and used the latest technology and could offer guaranteed returns.

Computers are much more efficient than human when it comes to assets management. Robots are taking over, so it was a logical step for us.

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We could use the A. I, and we did. Because we are the best at managing money. What is the market share in particular, on cryptocurrency market of the investment funds including funds managed by artificial intelligence and how do you handle the demand?

As 50 the cryptocurrency market, they are so riddled with fraud and unrealized projects that we have long since ceased to care about the competitors. We do not consider them competitors, as we are focused on long-term work.

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All their clients will eventually come to us. In long-term, the manual traders do not stand a chance against the robot. Are there any companies similar to yours in the world? Yes, sure. In our industry, only a few succeeded in achieving the degree of automation that we have. The most successful of our colleagues use qualitatively different algorithms that still require regular manual testing and customization. Our algorithms require human participation only at the development stage.

Simply put, in most cases, operators with remote how to withdraw satoshi to wallet always follow their robots, but our robot can walk on its own. The market offers a huge number of different robots that promise to increase your capital in Forex, binary options, cryptocurrency.

How are you different from them? Is it possible to earn money with such robots? Yes, certainly. If you are 50 at trading and investing. If you have clear money management rules backed by math. If not, you can only lose.

And robots have one more limitation — they 50 bring you the profit all the time. Such robots offer a huge number of strategies, half of which is profitable, and the other half is not.

Because a person is ultimately responsible for choosing strategies. That is, it is not the 50 that makes the decisions, but the user who sets the trading rules.

In some cases, it helps to earn quickly, and in others — to lose quickly. Such robots do not guarantee earnings, they only ensure fast trading. We have a radically different approach. Therefore, instead of ten thousand strategies, we have been developing only one strategy for several years. The robots you are talking about are the 50 level. There are many of them and to me they are useless. Among our competitors, there are funds that trade in traditional markets using second-level robots.

There are not many of them, but they all deliver consistently good results.

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One of the leaders in our industry is the Medallion Foundation, created by Renaissance Technologies. For several decades, their mathematical model has been continuously multiplying their capital. We consistently implement the same model of asset management, completely removing a person from decision-making process.

Development will take a few more years, but even now, our robot is already trading at 50 professional level.

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The robot needs a person only for controlling and learning new functions. Some believe that technical analysis does not apply to cryptocurrency, what do you think about this statement? 000 on binary options actually do not care; it is rather a question of how competent is the person who said this.

If it works for you, you can use it.

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I think you will agree that a professional can play even on one string, and the amateur can find a thousand reasons to give up. The only thing I can do is ask in return — what can the market offer instead of technical analysis? Intuitive news trading?

Fundamental analysis? Neural network? Technical analysis is a complex discipline and 50 takes a lot 000 on binary options time and mental strength to fully master it.

It could take a trader 10 years to learn it.

Not everyone succeeds, so technical analysis does not work for everyone. Where does your Foundation operate? We advertise ourselves 50 a global foundation. We continue to expand our reach. As for trade, over the next 6 months we will be able to manage capital on all largest exchanges of the world.

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There are several reasons. First, we need funds to maintain client accounts. We do not charge a monthly fee, only a percentage of the profits.

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Therefore, the size of the deposit has a lower limit. It also acts as a filter that shows the solvency and how serious the intentions of a potential client are. We do not target the mass market and do not deal with dumping. On the contrary, we provide 000 on binary options, high-quality services for those who can afford it.

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