How to make money on express money

how to make money on express money


Send money by phone Sending and receiving money online should be as convenient as checking your email or surfing the Web. Prefer to use your mobile phone?

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Be confident that your transaction will easily and reliably get to your intended receiver. Cash pickup Bank account Mobile phone Cash can be sent via online money transfer for pick up at an agent location in minutes.

Where will receivers get their money?

Choose country, amount and delivery method cash. Enter your receiver's name.

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Pay with your credit card6. You'll get an online money transfer confirmation by email.

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Save the tracking number MTCN to share with your receiver for pickup. Choose country, amount and delivery method bank account.

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  6. Best Ways to Send Money Abroad | Currency Exchange - Consumer Reports

Enter your receiver's bank account information. You'll get a money transfer confirmation by email with the tracking number MTCN.

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The money will be deposited into your receiver's qualifying bank account. If a receiver lives in a country where mobile wallets are offered, money can be sent to a mobile phone.

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Make sure your receiver has activated a mobile wallet5 with a mobile operator in their country. Choose country, amount and delivery method mobile wallet. When choosing a money transmitter, carefully compare both transfer fees and exchange rates.

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Fees, foreign exchange rates and taxes may vary by brand, channel, and location based on a number of factors. Fees and rates subject to change without notice.

PayPal beats out other peer-to-peer P2P money transfer apps like Venmo and Zelle because of its accessibility and choice of payment methods. PayPal also has more registered users than PayPal-owned Venmo, a social-centric P2P app best for smaller dollar transfers. How it works: PayPal account holders can send money to friends and family through the app, or online via a web browser. Account holders can send money through a variety of payment methods; recipients also have to be PayPal account holders, but can sign up for free. Payment options: Bank account no extra feecredit and debit cards small fee to send money from these options Fees: Sending money domestically to friends and family via a PayPal balance or linked bank account is free.

Additional restrictions may apply; see our terms and conditions for details. Additional restrictions may apply. Additional third-party charges may apply, including SMS and account overdrawn charges.

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