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This write up will cover the principles and basics of turbo matching. For advanced and expert tech click here. Garrett racing and performance turbos are capable of supporting an engine displacement range of 1. Keep in mind that Garrett horsepower rating estimates are measured at the crank.

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Properly selecting the right size turbocharger for your application is critical in getting optimal results. Inversely if the turbo is too small you risk not reaching your horsepower target, and increasing your risk of over speeding the turbo, which leads to turbo failure and possible costly engine damage.

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As our technology advances and our research continues, Garrett engineers continue to innovate the industry by creating more power at higher efficiency from smaller turbos. At the crank.

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Horsepower at the crank is different than horsepower at the wheels due to parasitic loss. Also known as drivetrain loss, this refers to power lost by the engine from the time it travels through the transmission to the driveline, and through the axles to the wheels.

You should estimate drivetrain loss before starting your project to avoid any confusion or disappointment when your car gets hits the dyno. If you are searching for a wheel horsepower target you can use the following recommendations to calculate your target crank horsepower.

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Each turbocharger has an operating range measured by crank horsepower and engine displacement measured in liters. Once you have those two inputs defined you can use the performance turbo product page to sort your options. At the top of the product page you will see a box for horsepower and displacement in liters.

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Enter your HP and Disp inputs to find your basic matches. In the example below we used horsepower and 4. Here we calculated the drivetrain loss for a RWD application so x 1. Matching For Vehicle Application Another important factor for proper turbo matching is vehicle application.

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An autocross car requires turbo options on news boost response so a smaller turbo or smaller turbine housing would be suitable for this application. This will sacrifice max power at high RPM but boost response will be excellent.

A drag car that is seeking max power and top end speed will likely select a larger turbo and large turbine housing in order to maximize air flow going into the turbine stage.

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These are the very basic steps for turbo matching but important factors to consider when narrowing your search for the right turbo. Matching For Single Turbo and Twin Turbo Applications With target horsepower defined we need to figure out if support and resistance levels binary options video want a twin or single turbo setup. Both types can make the power efficiently and with great response.

Sometimes engine space is a major factor and all you can do is fit two smaller turbos. Or maybe the manifold you have purchased only comes in a single turbo configuration. The decision is yours to analyze and make based mostly on budgets and availability of components.

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If you have a 4 liter engine and you want to make crank horsepower with twin turbochargers you need to divide your target horsepower and engine displacement by 2 and find a match based on the sum of half of the target inputs. Our example of a 4 liter engine and hp target power would now become a 2.

Using the performance product page sorting feature, enter and 2. The twin turbo results are much different than the products from the turbo options on news turbo calculations.

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Keep in mind the results shown from these inputs are products that fall within the horsepower and displacement ranges of the Garrett Turbo product line. More research will need to be done to find a turbo match.

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This webpage feature is intended to give you a starting point for how select a turbo. Matching for twin turbo applications requires dividing the target power goals and engine displacement by 2 Standard and Reverse Rotation Turbo Setups Garrett offers turbochargers in standard and reverse rotation configurations.


Sometimes referred to as mirrored or mirror image turbos, these options make it possible to create perfect symmetry to your turbo system.

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