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The game was published by Electronic Arts EA. The game is a re-imagining of the Most Wanted series, as opposed to Hot Pursuit extension that Criterion had worked on previously.

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It has been revealed that the game will be heading to the Wii U inthough no other details were given. Lose the cops your way.

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Hit jumps and shortcuts, switch cars, hide out or play to your car's unique strengths by driving off-road, hitting straights or diving into back alleys. Drive anywhere, explore the world, hang out with your friends or toy with the cops.

English Paul's Bugatti Veyron Dino attempts to ram Tobey the same way he killed Pete, but Tobey dodges, causing Dino to crash and flip over. Tobey pulls Dino from the wreckage before reaching the finish line; both are consequently apprehended by the police, with Dino eventually incarcerated for killing Pete.

It's about make money in nfs bridge wanted, your friends and the wildest selection of cars in a heavily policed, urban landscape. What would you do? Nonstop Multiplayer No menus.

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No lobbies. No restrictions. Our online play's about intense competition, team games, massive variety, persistent scoring, deep ranking and endless rewards and Modifications.

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Pick a car, meet up with your friends and enjoy a nonstop PlayList of competitive events. Influence the PlayList by voting with your car. Fight for position on the start line or turn around to take out oncoming rivals at the finish.

In a flashback to a few days ago, the player is seen arriving at Rockport for the very first time, hoping to take part in the city's illegal street racing scene.

Intense competition is at the heart of Most Wanted. Autolog 2.

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Personalization is key. Earn Speed Points SP and rank up for everything you do in the game. Outdrive your friends to become Most Wanted.

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Racing Without Rules There's a start and a finish; the rest is up to you. For Most Wanted, we've evolved our handling to suit an open, city location and to deliver a deeper, more physical feel that showcases the personalities of some truly incredible cars.

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