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Open the Widgets palette widgets and add a Form widget to the page. Leave the datasource as "Inherited:Orders".

Tutorial: Select options

Select an Insert type form. Clear the Id checkbox on the Choose form fields page. The app option is automatically populated with text fields that correspond to the fields in the datasource.

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In the next steps, you'll add widgets to replace some of these text fields. You won't delete the text fields yet, though, because they show you how the widgets connect to the datasource. Add a Table widget next to the form.


Keep all the defaults. Add selection widgets In this section, you'll set up the widgets that let users select the pizza size and toppings. Create a dropdown list to select pizza size: Add a Dropdown app option to the Pizza Orders form below the Customer Email text field.

In the Property editor, name the Dropdown widget "SizeSelector".

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Set the label to "Select size:". Click options.

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To bind the dropdown options to the possible values of the Size field, app option options to datasource. Click values and select Size. This setting binds the value to datasource.

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If you click the Size text field widget, you see that it has the same value. The value connects the widget to the datasource. When a app option creates an order, the app adds a record to the data model with the Size field set to the value selected in the widget. Delete the App option text field widget.

Create a multi-select widget to select pizza toppings: Add a Multi select widget to the page below the Select size dropdown list.

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In the Property editor, name the multi select widget "ToppingsSelector". Set the label to "Select toppings:".

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In the bindings code editor, delete datasource. Notice that you didn't bind options to possible values set for the Toppings field in the datasource.

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Possible values are used as data validators and matched exactly. For multi select widgets, to use this method you would enter each topping and all combinations of toppings.

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For app option, "basil", "eggplant", "garlic", "tomatoes", "basil,eggplant", "basil,garlic", "basil,eggplant,garlic", and so on. Click values and set the binding to datasource.

Toppings strToArray. If you click the Toppings text field widget, you see that it has a similar value. Because the user can choose more than one topping in the multi-select widget, you use strToArray to convert the list that is in the widget into an array that is stored in the datasource.

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Delete the Toppings text field widget. Close the Widget palette click Close close. Preview and test your app: Click Preview and allow the app to access data. In the Create Orders pane, order a pizza.

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When you click Submit, the pizza order is added to the table. Close the preview tab. Set toppings options with data bindings What if you have a menu that changes frequently?

You don't want to edit the widget options and redeploy the app each time you add a topping option.

There are two issues that I really want them to be fixed. The first issue is the app closed automatically if I didn't use it for while. The second issue is searching option chain of SPX is way too slow comparing to option chain of other stock symbols.

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