Make money for the new year quickly and, 50 ways to make money - Which?

15 Money Moves to Make Now to Prepare for 2021

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Boost Your Yield Getty Images Short-term interest rates will be zero-bound until at leastsays the Federal Reserve, and long-term rates are struggling to gain ground in a slow-growth economy with inflation only starting to stir.

That makes it a challenge to find yield without taking on too much risk. The typical corporate bond fund yields 1.

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It yields 2. Funds that focus on high-yield debt—bonds issued by companies with ratings of double-B down to triple-C—yield an average of 4.

It currently yields 3.

Investors in taxable accounts should consider municipal bonds, which generate interest income that is free from federal taxes and sometimes from state and local taxes, too. To find the next tech leaders, look for firms that you can depend on for double-digit sales growth, says Goldman Sachs. But Goldman says the company also has a promising pipeline of new drugs, and it has been investing in cutting-edge research, such as gene editing, which can be used in a variety of potential treatment areas.

It packs its portfolio with companies that will best benefit from disruptive innovation in five broad areas: genome sequencing, robotics, artificial intelligence, energy storage and block-chain technology.

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