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Deal Tracker offers a suite of tools for monitoring and processing every FX trade on all major foreign exchange platforms around the world, from the front to the back office.

Pre-trade dealing center what is automatically capture call statistics and review conversations to examine current dealing activity across your FX business Trade — monitor trading activity in real time and track your net position Post-trade — consolidate all of your post-trade feeds into a single stream so you can check for discrepancies early and build an archive for easy querying and compliance Refinitiv Deal Tracker as a Service: Cloud-based efficiency Deal Tracker as a Service DTaaS is our comprehensive, secure, Cloud-based archiving and compliance solution.

  • Of course, it can be your personal broker, dealing center or Forex broker.
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  • What is a dealing center how can it help a novice trader to get started?

This fully managed service can help eliminate the need for local in-house infrastructure and management overheads, allowing a firm to focus on its core business. Apart from the efficiency benefits of using a Cloud-based solution, DTaaS lets you monitor trade activity in real-time, track net positions, and archive data for easy searching and compliance needs.

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DTaaS includes trade notifications from conversational dealing, matchingbrokers' and bank portals, and the capture dealing center what is activity across FX liquidity venues.

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