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Who lives and who dies? With ventilators limited amid coronavirus, doctors might face hard choices

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Advertisement Across the U. Who lives on options shortage could be just as severe in California.

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Statewide, there are about 9, ventilators, a total that includes recent additions made by state leaders and others in anticipation of increased numbers of COVID patients. Even if those cases were spread out over the next year, the state could still require 20, ventilators at once. Robert Winters, an infectious disease doctor in Who lives on options Angeles.

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Doctors will have to resort to a wartime-like triage to determine whom to put on the ventilators and whom to turn away. In Italy, hospitals have been forced to deny potentially live-saving treatment to older, frailer people due to a shortage of machines.

See all of our coverage of the coronavirus outbreak It is much more than an academic exercise. Much of the world economy has shuddered to a halt. In the United States alone, a record 3. President Donald Trump once mused about lifting pandemic restrictions by mid-April to prevent more economic damage, but ultimately settled on extending federal advice to maintain physical distancing through the end of April. Trump reversed course after epidemiologists warned that a return to normal behavior could spark an explosion of COVID infections, killing as many as 2 million Americans.

These are difficult decisions anywhere, but particularly in America, where families often push for extreme measures to keep people alive even when they are very sick, experts say. Colwell, the San Francisco doctor, said he is already considering what to do in such a situation.

Can you put a price on COVID-19 options? Experts weigh lives versus economics

Infections can debilitate patients and weaken their muscles so they cannot contract and expand on their own. Rationing such care has been the subject of ongoing discussions at Sutter Health Network, where one of those weighing in said she believes the best model is to allow a panel of doctors, instead of individual physicians, to decide who receives the care, said Dr.

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Janice Manjuck, a critical care specialist at an Oakland hospital. One small study published in the medical journal option pricing strategies Lancet found that of 37 patients in Wuhan who were ventilated, only seven survived.

Lewis Rubinson, a New Jersey intensivist who wrote a guide for physicians caring for critically ill patients with COVID that was published by the Society for Critical Care Medicine, said that based on the literature and information sharing in the intensivist community, about half of patients who get ventilated for COVID survive, with chances of survival dropping with age.

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In recent weeks, he has had first-hand experience in ICU treatment of these patients in his post as chief medical officer of Morristown Medical Center. This is when to get ready.

Who lives in Turkey?

Andrew Cuomo. But at least 30, more will be needed to cope with the ongoing outbreak, he said in a press briefing Tuesday.

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Cuomo said that doctors may try an experimental technique of putting as many as four people on a single ventilator. Shortages in other states may eventually prompt similar measures born of desperation, experts say.

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The county department that runs the four local public hospitals is working to acquire an additionalaccording to a statement.

She said she thinks L. In one hospital in Lombardy, a hard-hit region in northern Italy, doctors reported patients in the hospital sleeping on mattresses on the floor.

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California and particularly L. Arthur Jey, an emergency room doctor who works at a Sutter Medical hospital in downtown Sacramento, said there are ongoing discussions about how to ration care at his facility, but if there is a shortage, he plans to also ask patients if they want to be ventilated.

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