Fuck how to make money. 5 Ways To Get Rich – Warning: They’re Scandalously Effective

fuck how to make money

Man that feels good.

I had borrowed money from my mother, grandmother, father in law, friends. My cold-pitch email response rate from potential clients is You know what changed? You know what it took me 6 fucking years to learn?

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But, really, those are all tactics. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. I have plans that I can safely say are as ambitious as his: I want to be immune from aging, and I want to completely overhaul the way humans govern ourselves.

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But there is one lesson that, if I were to have actually learned it, would be worth the 6 years spent. One lesson which might allow me to catch up to Elon Musk and change the world in ways I see fit.

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That lesson is: To always be engaged in either high level creation, high level enjoyment, high level learning, or high level rest. That means no procrastination, no slumps, no giving fuck how to make money fears. Literally none at all.

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It means that I truly seek to go to bed mentally and physically exhausted every single day. Is this unrealistic? If I am able to, for 6 days a week, value my time so highly that I refuse to spend it in any way that is not hugely enjoyable and beneficial, I cannot imagine I will fail to drastically improve my life and, by proxy, the life of the human race.

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