I earn but I don t have money. How to Deal With Your Income Problem.

This is Why I'm Broke: 18 Lessons I Learned From Having No Money
When you have an income problem instead of a spending problem, traditional budgeting advice can drive you nuts. Not helpful. Because I know that this program will change every aspect of your life.

Two hundred and fifty million people in the wealthiest country on the planet are barely making it. Consider that almost 75 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. You are having money issues because you have money issues.

Here are a few of them: 1. Living with mommy Most Americans live within 25 miles of their mothers. It is time to move away and go where there is opportunity.

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Economic illiteracy Most people are economically illiterate. Economy is defined as household management or management of resources.

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Manage means to be in charge and succeed in surviving, especially against heavy odds. To manage your own economy means you have to create compare dealing center by playing offense in the marketplace.

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The budget blockhead mindset Spending all of your time trying to budget money is a way to guarantee you never have money. Having a budget blockhead mindset means you are playing defense, not offense. Almost every economic indicator has worsened.

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If politicians could save the middle class they would have already. Financial apathy People have become apathetic regarding their finances and quit looking at it.

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Admit to where you are financially and start paying attention to your money. The entitlement problem is not just for the lower economic level, but hits all the way to the top.

Everyone wants to be the director, CEO, the manager, the writer -- well, guess what? Someone has to do the selling.

Get the Course Learn More 3. When I was 18 years old, and my first credit card offer came in the mail, I jumped for joy.

Poverty comparisons The idea that your financial situation is better off than someone that is starving does not make your financial situation any better. Those just getting by try to make sense and justify their financial situations by finding others that are worse off.

Many financial advisors say the first step to financial control is creating an adequate savings account. For a lot of us, saving that kind of money seems like a pipe dream, or one that, at best, will take years to establish. Things You'll Need A piggy bank and an interest-earning savings account at a bank. Instructions 1. Purchase a piggy bank.

Confront where you are, put your attention on income, not saving, be willing to do whatever job for however long to fix your situation and make it your duty, obligation and responsibility to get your financial life in order. But neither of those truths makes it OK for I earn but I don t have money to not have money to take care of your family and create the life you want.

  • 8 Reasons Why You Don't Have Money
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