System for turbo options

system for turbo options

Turbocharger systems are made to order.

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BMW S63 W. There system for turbo options no core charges with these turbos.

No need to send in your stock turbos to get modified while your car sits in pieces waiting for the turbos to get back. Simply install the Weistec W.

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All necessary hardware is included. New turbo inlet pipes that mate up to the factory airboxes or any bolt on aftermarket intakeand new charge pipes with integrated methanol injection ports that connect the turbos to the factory intercoolers come standard with the S63 W.

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A pair of Weistec SS downpipes are also included to connect the turbos to the rest of the exhaust with out any cutting or welding as downpipes that are for the stock turbos will no longer fit the vehicle.

Stainless braided oil and coolant lines are included with custom CNC machined and anodized fittings.

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System for turbo options truely is a bolt on turbo upgrade that completely replaces the factory turbochargers. Even the factory engine cover still fits over the turbos.

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This gives choices that range from resonable response and mid range, to all out monster top end power! Couple all these upgrades with a custom tune and you have the recipe for serious power. An Engineered Solution The goal of the W. The W.

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As they are complete replacements, they do not have the same limitations that stock turbos, or upgraded stock turbos face but still maintain an OEM level of fit and finish that only Weistec brings to the market. This isn't a pair of universal turbos fitted to the car with a lot of cutting and welding. Its an upgrade that can be installed in a day's worth of work with typical mechanic's tools.

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