Strategic options what is it,

strategic options what is it

In this chapter we consider the main strategic options which are open to the firm in pursuit of its objectives.

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Because of the range and complexity of the options involved we intend to approach the chapter in three broad strands. First we consider the ways in which an organisation may seek to achieve its ends, ranging from liquidation to diversification. We then discuss the means by which these can be attained.

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The concluding section will deal with turnaround situations. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

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Strategic option

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Strategic options

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Strategic controlling Strategic option is one of several solutions of specific task or objectives of the organization. Preferred or accepted by the enterprise community strategic option should be the basis for planning professionals to develop a strategy. Such a strategy consist of long-term goals and objectives and plans leading to the achievement of this objectives. It also contains a package of measures to ensure their achievement, allowing risk reduction and increase the chances of success.

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