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Deployment profiles determine the deployment mode, and customize the OOBE for your end users. Create an Autopilot deployment profile Autopilot deployment profiles are used to configure the Autopilot devices.

It also removed Full Self Driving from the feature list. The chart has been updated and is accurate dragon option binary options reviews of July 1, There have been a lot of updates made to this post as Tesla has made changes — all previous update notes have been moved to the bottom of the article for readability.

options on autopilot

Original Story Tesla dropped a bit of a bombshell yesterday, announcing the introduction of the Standard Range Model 3, a number of price and feature changesand the transition to online sales only along with the closure of its retail stores. Autopilot features have changed as a result of the announcement.

Enhanced Autopilot is no longer available as an option, instead replaced with two options: Autopilot and Full Self Driving Capability. The prices and available features have been adjusted as well.

How to find out what options a Tesla has

That cost also includes the planned, but not yet released, stop sign and traffic light recognition, automatic driving on city streets. Keep in mind that local and federal regulations may options on autopilot the availability of these last two features. Only the new Full Self Driving Capability option offers feature parity with the previously released version of Enhanced Autopilot, with the exception of the upcoming stop sign and traffic light recognition.

options on autopilot

The following table breaks down what features are available for each version of the software. Please note that the three functions with an asterisk are not yet available. Now, those customers get a combination of both currently available features and ones promised for the future.

Tesla has increased the price of its ‘Full Self-Driving’ option to $10,000

These price and feature availability changes affect all cars that were delivered without Autopilot options on autopilot Full Self Driving.

Full Self Driving is required options on autopilot get the same suite of features Enhanced Autopilot brings to the table.

options on autopilot

Additionally, vehicles equipped with Enhanced Autopilot will continue to have Navigate on Autopilot. Teslas with Autopilot 1 do not have the hardware necessary for Full Self Driving functionality. On the other hand, Autopark and Summon were previously staple Autopilot features, available since day one of the software.

This new feature enables your Tesla to come to you in a options on autopilot lot. Cars with Autopilot 1 do not have the hardware necessary to support Smart Summon, and therefore keep the functionality of basic Summon.

Configure Autopilot profiles

The chart below has been updated to reflect this. At some point over the last few months, Tesla quietly made Autopilot standard on the Model Y. Full Self Driving pricing for the Model Y matches the rest of the lineup.

Here are the details of what you can get. Advertisement Earlier this year, Tesla revealed that it would be diversifying the type of self-driving capability that a customer can obtain. You can now get three different categories of self-driving. We will be detailing the price of each one of these options and have a look into who can benefit the most from each one of them.

The chart and article text has been updated below to match updated pricing for Model S, Model 3, and Model X. The chart below and text of the article has been updated to match these changes.

options on autopilot

Autopilot is still optional on Model Y at the prices included in the chart below.

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