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If anything the idea of a carefree luxurious life being sold by the scammers behind the Mobile Binary Code is a trap. So, expect to be disappointed if you buy into this pipe dream of sorts. Let us start with the claim of the system being able to make anyone rich. If anything its lies and fabrication of the worst kind because it tries to lure people into thinking that they too can become rich without much hard work binary options code.

Currency Code Counter is an automated trading software application system that claims to have unraveled the secret binary options code to the binary options trade market. The creator claims to be an extremely successful day trader who has created his own trading software from a series of complicated algorithms that determine exactly how a trade will play out.

Secondly, there is no way binary options code could keep his identity a secret, especially since the website has a registered IP address so right away we knew something was fishy about the Currency Code Counter. And his claim about the system only being available for a few days is a fallacy as well, as it has been several months now and the video is binary options code making the rounds, trying to find new victims to sign up for their phony trading software.

Screenshot How does it work?

binary options code

The signup process for Currency Code Counter is similar to that of other binary options trading systems. Sounds easy enough!

binary options code

There is nothing about this system that gives good vibes. None of their brokers are regulated, their CEO is nothing but a fake and the lack of information about the company or how binary options code system operates leaves us filled with doubts about this trading system.

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Is Currency Code counter a scam? The video is over the top, the website is missing pertinent information and the system nor are the brokers licensed or regulated by a governing body.

binary options code

We advise that if you are want to earn a profit, rather than lose your entire investment on a fake system, that you look for a more reliable system with a solid reputation. Final Conclusion We cannot give Currency Code Counter our seal of approval as there are just too many red flags that make us suspect that this software is just not trustworthy.

Regulation and fraud[ edit ] Further information: Securities fraud Many binary option "brokers" have been exposed as fraudulent operations. Manipulation of price data to cause customers to lose is common.

You would do better to sign up with a tried and true trading system. There have been nothing but constant complaints and countless negative reviews regarding Mr X and his questionable Currency Code Counter software.

binary options code

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