Robot mall

robot mall

The egg-shaped robot, known as the K5 Autonomous Robot mall Machinedrew sympathy and jeers on Monday after it stumbled down a set of steps and into a fountain at Washington Harbouran office and retail complex in the Georgetown neighborhood of D.

The photos were widely shared. Our D.

By Ethan Baron ebaron bayareanewsgroup. How many robots did the posh mall have at the time? It refused to say. How many does it have now? When and why did the shopping center rid itself of autonomous patrollers?

It drowned itself. We were promised flying cars, instead we got suicidal robots.

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Robot mall bears a passing resemblance to R2-D2 or perhaps a Dalek. It is equipped with, among other things, thermal imaging, automatic license plate recognition and a video camera. Its clients include data centers, hospitals and shopping malls. Submarine robot, no.

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Got it. While some Twitter users theorized that the K5 committed roboticide, a simpler explanation was provided by Michael Bailey-Van Kurenthe C. Michael Armstrong professor of engineering and interactive media at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Knightscope Robots might be cheaper to employ than humans, but it seems they still need to work on their people skills.

Technology is advanced well enough to direct autonomous devices away from obstacles, he said, noting that robot mall Roombathe vacuuming robot, has sensors to avoid stairs. That the K5 did not detect the stairs was an anomaly, he said.

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It made headlines in April in Mountain View, Calif. Last year, another one ran over a month-old boy at a Palo Alto, Calif. It appears Paul Blart still has job security.

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