I made money psy

Google: Gangnam Style earned $8 million from YouTube alone- Technology News, Firstpost

I made money psy

Business 1 billion Gangnam views earn riches for PSY As Gangnam Style gallops toward 1 billion views on YouTube, the first Asian pop artist to capture a massive global audience has gotten richer. So too have his agent and his grandmother.

An investigation reveals he could make significantly more money from YouTube than he ever might from music sales.

But the money isn't as free-flowing as you'd think. CBC As Gangnam Style gallops toward 1 billion views on YouTube, the first Asian pop artist to capture a massive global audience has gotten richer click by click. So too has his agent and his grandmother.

I made money psy

But the money from music sales isn't flowing in from the rapper's homeland South Korea or elsewhere in Asia. I made money psy one song, year-old Park Jae-sang — better known as PSY — is set to become a millionaire from YouTube ads and iTunes downloads, underlining a shift in how money is being made in the music business.

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An even bigger dollop of cash will come from TV commercials. Here's how it works.

How much money will PSY make from ‘Gangnam Style’?

The viral video has clocked more than million YouTube views since its July release, beating Justin Bieber's Baby, which racked up more than million views since February PSY's official channel on YouTube, which curates his songs and videos of his concerts, has nearly 1.

The Google Inc.

Arora mentioned this statistics in relation to his explanation about advertising on Google. This figure included downloads on iTunes, streaming and sales services available only in Korea. In December, Gangnam Style had officially become the first video ever on YouTube to garner a billion views worldwide. The catchy Korean song with its trademark horse dance was first uploaded on YouTube on July 15 and became a viral sensation instantly, with parody videos from all over the world cropping up. In just a couple of months post its upload, Gangnam Style had already become a hit enough to gain a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest number of likes on a YouTube video ever, with 2.

Google detects videos that use copyrighted content. Artists can have the video removed or allow it to stay online and share ad revenue with YouTube.

Just How Much Money Is Psy Making From ‘Gangnam Style’?

The countries with the second and third-highest views of the video are Thailand and South Korea. Developed countries have higher ad rates and developing countries lower," said Brian Suh, head of YouTube Partnership in Seoul.

I made money psy

The United States. How much PSY keeps and how much goes to his managers, staff and record label is unclear.

South Korean rapper's viral hit provides fascinating glimpse into economics of music today

But earnings from downloads in PSY's homeland are far from an embarrassment of riches. That makes the cost of a downloaded song about 10 cents on average. The average price for streaming a song is 0. PSY's cut for downloads is 14 per cent.

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That falls to 7. Yes, 7. The biggest cut goes to his agent and online retailers. It's likely the fast fading music CD industry generated even smaller revenue.

I made money psy

As for many other parts of Asia, illegal I made money psy and pirated CDS are so pervasive that only a small minority are willing to pay up for the legal versions. It is television commercials that are the big money spinner for the most successful of South Korea's K-pop stars.


The money is cool. The products not so much. PSY is now the face of a new Samsung refrigerator and a major noodle company.

It's a stretch to plausibly explain how the success of Gangnam Style will boost DI's profits but that doesn't matter to the South Korean stock market.

Google: Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Has Earned $8 Million On YouTube Alone

The share price has fallen since then but is still about double what it was before the who makes money online reviews of Gangnam Style. Its share price is up about 30 per cent since mid-July. Now what?

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That will depend largely on his upcoming album, which PSY said will be released in March.

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