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We'll also share the risks you take when you trade call and put options. Options in the stock market can make the cat made money more money than you ever dreamed possible, make you lose money, or save you more money than you ever dreamed.

Call and Put Options Defined

Definition of Put and Call Options The call and put options are the building blocks for everything that we can do as a trader in the options market. There are only two types of options contracts, namely the call vs. A put option is the exact inverse opposite of what a call option is. Long Call Options Strategy The long call option strategy is the simplest options strategy.

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When you go long, you buy a call option with the expectation that the stock price will rise past the strike price before the expiration date. You need the stock price concept of put options be beyond that price point in the future for you to make money.

Put Options and Call Options

You simply buy a call option with the strike price and expiration date you desire. The more bullish you are on the stock price, the further OTM you can buy the call option.

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Now, compared with buying the stock shares from a stock exchange, options give you the power of using leverage. You can control with 1 contract of Call options shares of stocks.

With the options, we have power and leverage and we can kind of pick our price points. Loss is Limited when Buying Call Options During call option strategies, the maximum loss is always limited.

If the stock is below the strike price at the expiration date, the call option will expire worthless, and the loss would be the price paid for the call option. This is where some of the reduced risk features of options trading come into play.

Selling Call Options

Profit Potential is Unlimited when Buying Call Options With call option strategies, the potential profit is theoretically unlimited. The Importance of Volatility in Options Trading Strategies Volatility also plays a big role in how options are priced.

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An increase in implied volatility does have a positive impact on the strategy. As a general rule, the advantage of the long option strategy is that volatility tends to boost the value of the option because there is a higher probability the stock price to trade above the strike price at the expiration date.

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Once the time value fades, then all that remains are the intrinsic value of concept of put options stock, so the difference between the strike price and the current price of the market. You can also control shares of stocks with far less money than you could if you bought the stock directly. The combination of having limited risk in combination with enormous upside potential makes options trading one of our favorite ways to speculate on the concept of put options market.

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In order to decide what you should buy between call vs. Thank you for reading!

Buying Call Options

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