Accounting for posting options

accounting for posting options

Checks written for payroll, vendors, payables, or receivables must be entered in an appropriate journal, either manually or by one of the other options available, before they can be posted to the General Ledger.

Batch not approved for posting This error message is caused by a batch with a pending or error status. Account not set up in Account Master table F Two situations can cause this error message: An undefined account number designated as during journal entry was entered. To correct this, locate the document number and line number on the Journal Entries form. Change the on the detail line to the valid account number. An undefined account number was not set up prior to posting, or it does not meet the model account criteria to be automatically created by the system.

Note: You cannot post transactions in the accounting for posting options year if you have not completed the year-end close process in the prior year. See Related Links for details on closing out the year.

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When should I run the Post Transactions process? Typically, at the end of each month or some other accounting period used during the year.

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What will be posted during the Post Transactions process? You can select to post transactions for a specific month, date range, or all entered transactions.

How do I post transactions? Before running the Post Transactions process, be sure that: Transactions are in balance.

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All transactions have valid account numbers. Select the date to appear on the Interim Reports by either selecting the month or using the drop arrow next to the date field. Selecting a month automatically sets the report date to the last day of the month selected.

Subledger Accounting Options Setup Subledger Accounting Options Setup Overview Subledger accounting options define how journal entries are generated from subledger transactions at the subledger application level. These options are set up for the primary and secondary ledgers only. See: Creating Accounting Setups, Oracle Financials Implementation Guide All subledgers assigned to a ledger inherit the subledger accounting method from that ledger. This page is displayed in the context of a primary or secondary ledger. All subledger applications registered with Subledger Accounting are displayed.

The date selected does not limit the report to a date range. Depending on your selection, you can either post just the selected month, post all entered transactions, or post prior year transactions to the general journal.

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Now that the transactions have been posted, you can go through and review the interim reports. In this window you can select the specific report you want to run for the client.

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