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Mrs Thanapa, who knew nothing about the cheque when contacted by reporters, said she would make merit with the money. Other reaction was more generous.

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By Friday, Tak had deleted the picture of the cheque from her Instagram account, referring cryptically to someone who has been emulating her by giving away cash gifts. Yet my husband earned his money honestly.

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Please stop trying to compete with me. Tai posted the clip on her Facebook account last week. She says she was taking a yellow taxi in Bangkok on March 15, when he took a wrong turn.

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When she corrected him, the taxi driver turned on her, criticising her for the rest of their journey. Tai starts filming the driver on her smartphone when she is safely out of the vehicle. She films him from outside the rear door on the left side. The driver is at the wheel, demanding to know why she is filming her, and pointing angrily in her direction.

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The clip, shared widely on social media, has given rise to a variety of reactions. I also try to put up with the red-shirt news on the radio, the stink in the cab, the bad behaviour of the driver. Many of the drivers of taxis he used were from the Northeast, and supported the government, he said unhappily.

Another reader, however, urged netizens not to take sides too quickly. But he has never cheated anyone.

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I would like to ask those who lump taxi drivers in together to attack their profession: Have you done anything to be a good member of society lately?

The offer gave rise to incorrect reports the pair had actually married, and it is indecent to make money her fans by surprise. May revealed last week she was actually tricked into wearing bridal white for the hotel gathering.

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Making the most of his opportunity, Joe also gave her a ring. As reporters dug into his past, he was forced to go before the cameras to admit May had yet to agree to his offer of marriage. The two had been together only two months.

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The Narcotics Suppression Bureau policeman said he was once married to hi-so luxury car dealership owner, with whom he has a four-year old child, Jaguar.

He also admitted seeing a Thai-German model last year.

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But I have told him to forget about his marriage proposal until we get to know each other better. I have also returned his ring.

I have always liked the character of Joan. I even admit to appreciating the way she uses her sexuality and beauty to get what she wants. But last night she just seemed sad.

She said they are still friends, and could yet team up again.

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