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10 Options Strategies to Know

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Whether it's short term or long term option strategies, this article will detail some option strategies that you are sure to benefit from. The truth is that there is a range of safe option trading strategies that both limit your risk and reward. Contrary to belief, what most investors fail to appreciate is that stock options are suitable securities for investors interested in conservative, income-generating schemes. Options are useful tools for trading and risk management.

If you think options trading is risky, think again. The truth is that there is a range of safe option trading strategies that both limit your risk and maximize your profits. Today, we're bringing you three simple options trading strategies that are all low-risk. Armed with these choices, you'll see that risk management in options trading doesn't have to eat up all your potential profits.

Safe Option Strategies – Better Education Leads to Better Trades

In fact, you'll see that you can where to start making money on the Internet your stock investing with these nearly risk-free options trading strategies to either enhance your gains or protect against market volatility.

So let's get to it. Many will tell you that selling call options is particularly risky because the potential losses are unlimited.

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Theoretically, that's true. But with a covered call, you can drastically reduce that risk. Here's an example.

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But that assumes you don't already own the stock. If you bought the underlying stock before safe trading strategy for options the option, and therefore locked in your price, your potential losses are capped. That's how the covered call works.

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As the name suggests, the call option you sell in a covered call is covered by the shares of the underlying stock you already own.

Even in the worst-case scenario, you'll only have to sell the shares you own at the agreed strike price.

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That price might be less than the current market price for the shares. But if you've owned the stock for a while, you still might be selling for a profit.

By Lucas Downey Updated May 29, Traders often jump into trading options with little understanding of the options strategies that are available to them. There are many options strategies that both limit risk and maximize return. With a little effort, traders can learn how to take advantage of the flexibility and power that stock options can provide. Here are 10 options strategies that every investor should know. This is a very popular strategy because it generates income and reduces some risk of being long on the stock alone.

And that's just if things go badly. When the trade goes in your favor, a covered call can hand you bigger profits than if you just held onto your stock shares. Basically, you want to execute a covered call when you want to hold onto a stock for the long term, but you anticipate that the share price won't move much in the short term.

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If you're right, the buyer will never exercise the option, because it's not worth it if the price didn't move. And you get to keep both the stock and the premium you collected for the option.

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Later, when the stock does rise in price, you'll be even richer for using the covered call when the timing was right. In other words, there's not much risk. But there is significant reward if you execute the covered call well.

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That means, at the end of the option duration, you have the right to sell the stock you own at the strike price. With a married put, your potential profit is limitless. If the stock price goes up, you can let the put option expire and hold onto the stock or sell it at a higher price.

And the risk is very low.

Even if your stock shares fall in price, you can still sell it at the strike price. The only real downside of the married put is that the stock price has to rise by more than what you paid for the safe trading strategy for options option in order for you to profit from it.

But if you're making a speculative purchase of a stock with a ton of profit potential and you want to protect against the downside, the married put is a great insurance policy. If the stock doubles, triples, or more, you won't remember the price you paid for the option. You'll just be reveling in your profits.

3 Low-Risk, Safe Options Trading Strategies – Money Morning

If you make a number of speculative plays like this, you increase your chances that one or two rocket stocks will pay for the rest that don't take off. And your married puts keep any one stock from being a dead weight on your portfolio. That being said, you don't want to buy married puts on every stock you own: Those premiums and commissions add up.

You'll want to use this tool judiciously. A good time is when you see potential volatility ahead for a stock you are otherwise very bullish on.

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Learn more … Some people might tell you that it's technically only a married put if you buy the stock and an at-the-money put option at the same time.

Safe trading strategy for options if you want to buy a put option at any strike price on a stock you already own and call it a married put, rest assured that the SEC isn't going to come and stop you.

Top 3 Safe Option Strategies

Another caveat with a married put, as well as the covered call, is to make sure you own enough shares of the stock to cover the whole contract.

If you only have 50 shares and you'd have to buy another 50 to complete the sale, a tremendous amount of risk is added to your position.

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And now for the final safe options strategy….

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