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Want to see the complete list? Showing a sample of just 25 recent investments in the market. Today global corporations are teaming up or going head to head with traditional tech VC's to back the companies at different stages of their growth.

Suffice it to say, then, that an investor would be wise to consider not only the obvious innovators of these products Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, et al. It has come to have a wide variety of applications, the most obvious one being the use of smartphone apps to perform various household tasks, like controlling the thermostat, operating a security system or opening and closing garage doors. The IoT is particularly prominent in infrastructure and finance. Also of interest is the evolution of customer service. One bank, Westpac Australia, has gone so far as to install beacons that render a personal greeting when a customer approaches or enters one of their facilities, and offers products based on user history.

Portfolio Highlights: Ayla Networks : Offers an end-to-end platform-as-a-service PaaS for OEMs that connects devices to the cloud, with data virtualization that gives insight into user behavior. Evrythng : Provides software-as-a-service SaaS for making products smart by connecting them to the Internet, enabling real-time tracking analytics to enhance supply investment platform for making money operations and user experience.

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Intel Capital is currently focusing on consumer devices, open-source services, and -- you guessed it -- the IoT. Portfolio Highlights: Arrayant : SaaS provider that enables retailers, manufacturers, and service providers to connect consumer products to the Web or smartphone applications, for use by both enterprise and consumers alike.

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Maginatics : Offers software-defined storage with the security of a datacenter that is designed to support the plethora of new devices being released everyday. Although relatively new in the space, Google has already seen some big exits, including four IPOs and acquisitions by big names like Twitter, Facebook, and Google itself.

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Google opened its venture capital branch in and has already invested in more than companies in the U. Look to Google Ventures to investments on the Internet more of the next big names in the IoT.

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Areas of focus include consumer, mobile, commerce, health, data and enterprise. Transcriptic : Offers SaaS-based next-generation medical lab automation equipment and virtualization technology.

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Wearable Intelligence : Develops solutions for wearables in enterprise applications that aim to help healthcare, construction and other workers go hands-free in the workplace.

Portfolio Highlights: OnRamp Wireless : Provides wide-area machine-to-machine Investments on the Internet connectivity in the unlicensed spectrum, enabling low-power monitor and control applications. Mocana : Offers embedded security systems for devices and applications that remove the complexity associated with mobile management and security coding.

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Quirky : Enables inventors and innovators to come together online and create new Internet-connected products that Quirky then manufactures. The company is committed to the entrepreneurial spirit and seeing companies grow.

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Qualcomm is now a global investor, with regional and sector-specific funds. Portfolio Highlights: RetailNext : Enables retailers and manufacturers to collect, analyze, and visualize data about in-store customer engagement.

Sotera Wireless : Develops, markets, and sells patient vital-sign monitoring devices for clinics, hospitals and remote home care.

What can one do as an investor? Follow the evolution of the portfolio, centralizing the information in an organized and secure manner Manage meetings of investees and monitor tasks Analyze the market, comparing your investees with other companies within the industry Create automated reports of investees Perform automated graphics information of these investees Inform LPs securely and centrally, through a corporate website Our products for investors About Us We are a group of entrepreneurs who have more than 15 years of experience creating and managing companies together. The first of the companies that we founded and managed is dedicated to developing applications for market data management.

Telcare : Provides wireless M2M solutions for the healthcare industry, connecting patients with physicians to cure chronic illnesses.

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