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Cancel As derivatives educator Rick Thachuk explains, it is essential to approach them systematically — and to check your system as you go along.

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Binary options are a novel type of investment, so it follows that a successful trading system will differ from those for more traditional assets.

Studying the mathematics behind the instruments can help move the trader along the learning curve and reveal useful insights into building and evaluating a trading system.

Why not trade in the direction the big guys are going and volumes are the ones to show the direction, right? Binary Options Volume Indicator However, this does not mean we should not trade forex based on the volumes one broker is showing and actually there is even a strategy for that. One should go on the hourly chart and scroll back in time and look for the last biggest volume candles in both bullish and bearish markets. How to Use Volumes?

Binary options on financial assets are short term investments what the volumes on binary options say return one binary options turbo strategy two possible payouts at expiration, depending upon a condition what the volumes on binary options say met in the price of the underlying asset.

If not, a smaller payout is received.

Mark the strong signals and weak signals.

Retail trading of binary options on online platforms has been growing rapidly in the last few years, especially among those with little prior investment experience. The electronic platforms have also become more user-friendly, with improved graphics, content in various languages, and an expanded array of tradable assets including Asian, European and US stocks.

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A simpler trade system As with any asset, traders using binary options should be systematic. Following a trading system provides objective criteria for when to initiate a trade, either long or short, and when to close one, either at a profit or a loss.

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The unique features of retail binary options make coming up with a trading system simpler. In most cases, binary options can only be purchased, not sold — and the payouts are fixed.

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Also, a binary option is automatically closed at expiry and usually cannot be closed before. Consequently, a trading system need only dictate which particular options to trade, when to buy a call or put, and how much to risk on the position.

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Since retail binary options have only two possible outcomes and require no fee or commission, their performance can be effectively modelled mathematically. The equation above is dynamic, since the value of your account at any time depends on the success or failure of prior trades.

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Not surprisingly, there are a great number of ways that the value of your account can evolve, even for the same ratio of winning and losing trades, since they could occur in different orders. Moreover, for a given payout matrix, the speed with which you burn through your starting balance is faster, the more you risk on each trade — so there is a good reason to make small bets. The blue lines show two representative paths that the account balance might actually follow, each with the same number of winning and losing trades but in a different order.

In the example of 44 trades in the graph, there are over 1.

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While all will fluctuate around the theoretical account value, sometimes the account balance can rise above the starting balance — if the investor is lucky early on. If the trader erroneously believed that the trade system was better than it actually was, he or she might have been tempted to make bigger investments, only to be disappointed by subsequent trades.

This suggests that traders need to make a high enough number of trades to measure the success ratio of a trading system correctly. Four or five trades, whether winners or losers, are not enough to make this determination.

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In practice, no trader would use a system that is expected to provide no greater chance of success than a pure guess. The break-even scenario A binary options trading system will break even if the accumulated payouts received after t trades are equal to the total investment made.

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