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Templates Digital music Your choice of digital products should be based on your niche and the needs of your audience. Selling Physical Products You can also use your blog to sell physical products. In this case, your blog acts as a marketing tool for your physical products.

There is no limit to the kinds of physical products you can sell through your blog, from branded t-shirts and caps to paintings and electronic gadgets. For instance, if you are in the careers niche, you can create a membership area that gives your audience access to an exclusive job board. Sell Online Courses If your audience has something they struggle with, you can create an online course to teach them how to overcome their challenge and charge them for access to the online course.

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For instance, on our blog Cleverism. These two platforms provide a great set of features that make it relatively easy to host your online course, even if you are a beginner. Speaking Gigs Blogging can also establish you as an authority and a thought leader in your industry, opening opportunities for you to speak at industry conferences.

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Coaching This is quite similar to selling online courses. However, instead of simply providing learning material to your students and leaving it at that, coaching involves some personalized level of service.

You give personal attention to your students and hold their hand through their learning process. Due to the high level of personal attention, you can charge higher for coaching services than you can for online courses. Selling Freelance Services If you are a freelancer, you can also use your blog as a platform for showcasing your work and attracting more freelance clients.

For instance, a lot of freelance writers have blogs where they showcase their writing with the aim of attracting freelance writing clients. Offer Consulting Services To Businesses Or Consumers Everyone probably knows a pompous consultant who operates from a posh office, wears bespoke Italian suits, and drives around make money internet how to enter a fancy car. This kind of consultant gives off the perception that consulting is something that is reserved for the chosen few.

What you might not know is that you can also start making money on the side by offering consulting services to businesses or individual consumers. The best part is that you do not even need to get any special certifications to make money internet how to enter a consultant. You have everything you need to start offering consulting services. Therefore, if you are skilled enough in a specific field, you have everything you need to offer consulting services.

Why consulting though? Is it such a lucrative industry? However, research shows that one fifth of all consulting work is performed by independent consultants, rather than big consultancy firms. To start a side business offering consulting services, you need to do two things: Craft your consulting offer Focus on one paid marketing channel to acquire customers Craft Your Consulting Offer Before you can start a consulting business, you need to get clear on your consulting offer.

What advice are you offering? To whom? How will it help them? Without a clear, well-structured consulting offer, you will have a hard time attracting clients or delivering the right results.

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To come up with a clear, well-structured offer, you need to: Determine Your Skills And Strengths We have already seen that consulting involves offering expert advice within a specific field. To determine your skills and strength, take a look at the following four things: Things that you are naturally good at, things that people routinely come to you for help with.

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Your academic qualifications. Your professional experience.

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The personal goals you have achieved in life. A deep evaluation of these four things will allow you to identify things that you can do better than the average person.

This guide covers a variety of ways to get started.

For instance, if you are naturally good at computers and technology, you can offer IT consulting services. Similarly, if you have academic qualifications in public relations, and you have previously worked as a PR executive, you can offer PR consulting services.

Identify Your Target Market The next step of crafting your consulting offer is to identify the market segment you are targeting. Do you intend to offer your services to individual consumers or business clients? If business clients, will you focus on large corporations or SMEs?

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Identifying your target market serves two purposes. First, it allows you to come up with a consulting offer that is best suited for your client. For instance, a consulting offer that works for an SME or a non-profit organization might not work for a large corporation.

Second, knowing the kind of client you are targeting allows you to determine if they have the budget and the willingness to pay for your services.

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For instance, if you are offering IT consultancy services to individual consumers, many of your potential clients might have a challenge with computers and technology, but the majority of them might not have the budget for it.

An easy way to identify the biggest pain points for your target market within your area of expertise is to search for online forums related to your area of expertise. What questions are most people asking on these forums? In which topics does there seem to be a lot of confusion?

These will provide you with insights into the kind of challenges your target audience are struggling with. Alternatively, you can ask your target audience what their greatest pain points are by running an online survey.

Armed with this information, you can now craft a consulting offer that helps a specific market segment achieve a specific result within a specific field or niche.

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This is the holy grail of great consulting offers. Actually, you can craft your consulting offer using this formula: I am a [your niche] consultant who helps [your target audience] to achieve [your results] through [your offer].

Focus On One Paid Marketing Channel To Acquire Customers Now that your consulting offer is ready, the next thing you need to do is to come up with a system for attracting clients repeatedly. One of the most effective ways of attracting and acquiring clients for your consulting business is to create a marketing funnel comprising of the following four steps: Choose A Paid Marketing Channel To Focus On While it is possible to drive traffic to your consulting offer organically, the best approach for generating leads quickly is make money internet how to enter use paid marketing channels.

We recommend using paid marketing channels for the following reasons: Paid marketing can be targeted based on demographics, geographic, and psychographic information. Paid marketing channels provide significant ROI.

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Paid marketing channels drive results much faster than organic channels. You can measure the results of your marketing efforts and optimize for better performance.

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To make your potential clients aware of your offer and generate leads, pick one paid marketing channel to focus on and set up a marketing campaign. For instance, to set up a paid marketing campaign on Facebook, start by targeting your ideal client by selecting their age, gender, location, interests, and even things like job title. Once you have selected the people you want to target, you will then need to create an ad make money internet how to enter will be shown to these people, and then set your budget for the marketing campaign.

Create A Landing Page After creating your ad, you need somewhere to direct people make money internet how to enter click on your ad, which is why you need a landing page.

The landing page acts as an extension to your paid ad. The aim of the landing page is to convince the potential client to provide you with their contact information in exchange for something valuable.

For instance, sticking to the photographer example, you can promise an make money internet how to enter or a video that will teach them how to attract better and high paying clients in exchange for their email address. For this to work, however, the promise on your landing page should meet the make money internet how to enter of what you promised on the ad. Here is an example of a great landing page from Lintense. It is advisable to keep your landing page as simple as possible in order to get as many people as you can to sign up.

For instance, if you promised to teach your potential customers how to attract better clients, you need to fulfill this promise. You can do this either through a video, an eBook, a free email course, and so on. At this point, you might be wondering how you are going to make money selling consulting services if you are already giving away your advice for free.

The aim behind doing this is to give your potential clients something valuable to show them that you can actually solve their problems.

Once you have delivered on the promise of your ad and landing page, the next thing you need to do is to pitch your consulting offer to your potential clients. Since you already have their contact information, you can do this by make money internet how to enter their email into an email funnel, inviting them for a webinar, or inviting them for a coaching call.

Once they sign up for your webinar or coaching call, this is where you are now going to deliver your pitch. The aim of this step is to show the potential client that you have a deep understanding of the challenges they are struggling with and that you are capable of providing an effective and efficient solution to this challenge.

If you get this step right, you will be successful in converting some of your leads into paying customers.

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