Correct earnings on the Internet

Any filer may submit returns using this system.

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Taxable employers may also schedule a timely electronic funds transfer. Get More Details Employers of any size, or agents filing tax and wage returns may transfer their files to us electronically.

Get More Details Any employer may notify us that it has changed elison trading address or name or that it has a new FEIN or that it has acquired or sold a business or it is out of business.

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Get More Details Registered taxable employers may pay any bill due via electronic funds transfer. Get More Details Connecticut Internet Tax and Wage System By state statute, registered employers must file and pay their UI tax and wage returns via electronic means unless granted a waiver.

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To file an original return, please follow this link: Tax and Wage Reporting At the present time any correction returns must be filed on paper. FTP can be used at any time.

FAQ's - Unemployed - Internet Filing

You will want to insure that we have the correct FEIN for you as well. The Federal government uses it to corroborate that you have paid your State UI taxes in a timely fashion.

They would never ask that about a spreadsheet! People Strategy A mature approach to compensation will help you keep pace with the market, thereby reducing turnover, attracting top talent, and building your reputation as a great place to work.

This allows you to take a credit on your FUTA taxes. If you have correct earnings on the Internet a business or sold a business or are out of business you should report that as soon as possible so that your experience rating records can be adjusted as required. You can report those changes here too.

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This can be done independently of filing a tax and wage return. In order to safeguard it, your banking information is fully encrypted - both while stored and while in transmission.

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