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First, binary options may also be referred to as Digital Options.

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Trading binaries is quite similar to buying a call or buying a put with multiple choices of strikes and durations. One exception with Nadex binary options is that there is no option writer.

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Nadex binary options are European style and do not have a delivery option. All binary option contracts are fully collateralized.

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Vertical Option Spread Review In options trading, a vertical spread is an option strategy involving the buying and selling of an option of the same underlying security, same expiration date, but at different strike prices.

A vertical spread can be created with either all calls or all puts. With binary options, the strikes can be compared to a vertical spread but replaced with 0 and For binary buyers, the represents the ceiling and the 0 the floor while the binary pricing is traded between the two levels.

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For binary sellers, the represents the floor and the 0 the ceiling to the trade. The binary pricing ranges between 0 and which would be similar to an option premium.

The binary price is quoted in dollars per contract compared to the option premium where the cost is the price times a dollar multiplier. Another unique feature of the binary is its pricing is referenced as the delta or probability of the trade. Story continues With regular options if the underlying is trading at the strike level, the option delta is 50 as is the approximate trade price of the binary So, if the underlying market is trading above the strike, then the binary pricing will be greater than If the underlying is trading below the strike, then the binary pricing will be less than The binary is a derivative and the pricing, like option premiums, will fluctuate dependent on the usual components of time, volatility and the relation of the strike to the underlying robert ellie for binary options.

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If the binary traded goes into expiration and has any intrinsic value at all i. If the binary traded goes into expiration with no intrinsic value i. Note that the expiration values that are used for the settlement process are derived by Nadex, based on the prices of the underlying product.

This Nadex calculation uses a sample set of the last 25 futures trades midpoints for FX of the underlying right before the expiration time of the binary to arrive at a unique expiration value. Traders can also capitalize on the underlying market going higher prior to expiration to take profits robert ellie for binary options the increased delta in pricing.

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Binary Seller Similar to Long PUT A trader should sell the binary if they want the underlying market to sell off and finish at or below the strike at expiration to benefit from the full payout at expiration. Traders can also capitalize on the underlying market going lower by taking profits early prior to expiration from the binary pricing trading lower.

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By selling the binary at the trade price, the cost for the seller is minus the binary trade price. So using the same example only selling, the strike is ITM relative to the underlying at For the ITM binary, time decay actually works in its favor.

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Note the binary durations available at Nadex are two hours, one day and one week; a binary trade can be initiated and exited at any time prior to expiration. A useful rule of thumb for binary pricing is that if the underlying is trading at or near the binary strike level, then the pricing should be around At this point, neither the binary buyer nor seller has an immediate advantage.

As for the ITM or OTM binaries with longer durations, the edge is based on a greater differential between the strike price and the underlying price level.

This reflects the greater time value associated with the longer duration. Final Thoughts As the binary expiration nears, the strikes which are ITM for the buyers will be priced very close to and the strikes that are ITM for the sellers will be priced close to 0.

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For the binary strike which is ATM as it nears expiration, traders should be forewarned that they could be in for a wild ride. The very nature of the all or none binary valuation results in the contract having a gamma play that can be very explosive. Futures, options and swaps trading involves risk and may not be appropriate for all investors. Related Links.

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