Trading robots for 1905

trading robots for 1905

Murphy's law huh? Anyways, that has me spooked so I'm doing a longer backtest before I start risking more real money. It's going to take me a little while due to the volume of trades, but I'll likely make a new post once I feel comfortable with that and start live trading again. Bonus for you guys Here are the columns in my trading journal and various explanations where appropriate: Trade Number — Simply is this the first trade of the year?

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The 10th? I count a trade that you opened and closed just one trade number. For example if you buy EUUSD today and sell it 50 pips later in the day and close out the trade, then that is just one trade for recording purposes. I do not create a second trade number to describe the exit. Both the entry and exit are under the same trade number.

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If you are trading a stock, put in the ticker symbol. This is trading robots for 1905 personal preference. I like to use the lingo where trading robots for 1905. Some people can enter a trade using a combination of market and limit orders.

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If you bought 5 gold futures contracts, then write in 5 contracts. If you bought 1, shares of stock, then write in 1, shares. If you entered at multiple prices, then you can either write in all the different fills you trading robots for 1905, or specify the average price received.

For example January 23, Entry Time — Time that you opened the position. If it is multiple positions, then you can specify each time for each various fill, or you can specify the time range.

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If you executed a market order, how many pips did you pay in spread. If you executed a market order, how many dollars did you pay in spread. If trading robots for 1905 are trading a currency pair, then you write in the pips.

If you are trading a stock, then write in how many cents or dollars your stop is away from your entry price. If you risked 0.

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You write in what the potential reward risk ratio of the trade is. If you are trading using a pip stop and you expect that the market can reasonably move pips, then you can write in Of course this is an interesting column because you can look at it after the trade is finished and see how close you were or how far removed from reality your initial projections were.

You write in what you believe the potential win rate of this trade is. If you were to place this trade 10 times in a row, how many times do you think you would win? I write it in as percentage terms. I use the word inefficiency here.

I believe it is important to think of trading setups as inefficiencies.

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If you think in terms of inefficiencies, then you will think in terms of the market being mispriced, then you will think about the reasons why the market is mispriced and why such market expectations for example are out of alignment with reality. In this category I could write in different types of trades such as fading the stops, different types of news trades, expecting stops to get tripped, betting on sentiment intensifying, betting on sentiment reversing, etc.

I do not write in all the reasons why I took the trade in this column. I do that in another column.

This column is just to broadly define what type of inefficiency you are looking to capture. However, if you are a chartist or price action trader, then you may want to include what chart trading robots for 1905 frame you found whatever pattern you were looking at.

If the trade lasts less than an hour, I will usually write in the duration in minutes. Anything in between 1 and 48 hours, I write in the hours amount. Anything past that and I write it as days or weeks as appropriate, etc.

Pips the trade went against you before turning into a winner — If you have a trade that suffered a draw down, but did not stop you out and eventually was a winner, then trading robots for 1905 write it how many pips the trade went against you before it turned into a profitable trade. The reason you have this column is to compare it to your stop loss size and see any patterns that emerge.

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If you notice that a lot of your winning trades suffer a big draw down and get near your stop loss points but turn out to be a trading robots for 1905 trade, then you can further refine your entry strategy to get in a better price. In other words you lost 2 pips as slippage. This is important for a few different reasons. Firstly, you want to see if the places you put your stop at suffer from slippage.

If they do, perhaps you can get better stop loss placement, or use it as useful information to find new inefficiencies. Secondly, you want to see how much slippage your broker is giving you.

EA uses principle of Martingale. EA work algorithm: At cycle start the pair of opposite order opens with initial lots. Further grid of orders is being built with variable step and lot volume at the price movement direction.

If you are trading the same system with different brokers, then you can record the slippage from each one and see which has the lowest slippage so you can choose them. I color code the box background to green for profit and red for loss. If a trade lost 0.

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If a trade went for a loss that is equal to or less than what you risked, then I do not write in anything. If the loss is greater than the amount you risked, then I do write it in this column. For example lets say you risk 0. In very general terms I describe it.

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I was fighting the macro order flow and it was dumb. Or if I notice a string of losers and see that I tried to buy a breakout and it failed trading robots for 1905 times in a row, but notice that the market continued to go higher after I was stopped out, then I realize that I was correct in the move, but I just applied the wrong entry strategy.

I should have bought a retracement, instead of trying to buy a fresh breakout. For example if you are dead tired and place a trade, then write in that you were very tired. Or if you place a trade when there were five people coming and out of your trading office or room in your house, then write that in.

If you placed the trade when the fire alarm was going off then write that in.

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Or if you place a trade without having done your daily habits, then write that in. Whatever you believe was a possible weakness that threw you off your game. If you had complete peace and quiet, write that in. If you completed all your daily habits, then write that in. Whatever you believe was a possible strength during the day. Do a lot of your losing streaks happen when you have on a lot of open positions at the same time?

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Do you have a winning streak when the number of open positions is kept low? Or can you handle a lot of open positions at the same time?

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If you have a forex broker that is commission free and only gets compensated through the spread, then you do not need this column. Or if you bought a stock and got a dividend then write that in. Or if you shorted a stock and you had to pay a dividend, then write that in. Write out your thinking. Instead of writing a paragraph or two describing my thinking behind the trade, I condense the reasons down into bullet points. It can be anywhere from bullet points.

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