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My four year old is learning to write and I often make copies of the worksheets he brings home from school so that he has extra practice. Additionally my seven year old struggles with his handwriting and we spend a lot of time practicing to help him write more neatly. The idea behind StartWrite is perfect for software for options forts who want to help their children practice handwriting at home.

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We began using StartWrite to help my four year old practice letter writing, and have now moved on to printing worksheets with images and words, so that he can begin identifying and writing sight words.

For my seven year old we print out sheets with his weekly spelling words, or blank sheets so that he can write letters or stories using the guidlines to keep his writing neat. Some of my favorite features: Fonts — You can choose from a number of fonts such as Manuscript, Cursive, Spanish and Math.

This creates so many possibilities for learning. Letter Styles — Dots, like you see in the photos, lines, starting dots, colored lines and letter outlines create a number of different visual learning tools, so you can find what works best for your child.

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Guide Line Options — allow you to choose the style and color of guidelines. Landscape or Portrait Mode — allows you to choose the style of worksheet.

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Save Lessons — Lessons I create for my oldest son now can be saved to revisit later, or use for younger son. Prints on regular printer paper — No special paper or sizes, so you can get the software and begin creating right away.

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Overall, I love the program. It has helped my four year old learn to write, and has helped my six year software for options forts improve his writing enough that even his teacher has seen the difference.

I look forward to continuing to use it with the boys and think it is well worth the price.

You can customize the towers, swings, slides, accessories, and so much more. The two end towers feature our super spiral slides, and the main swing beam comes equipped with ball swings.

Want to learn more? Check out the StartWrite websiteor Download the Demo to see how it works for yourself! Once you try it out drop by the comments and let me know how it worked for you! Other posts you may be interested in:.

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