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Now, it is possible to add another name to this list: Russian celebrity, Olga Buzova. She announced the launch of her own ICO project, within which it is planned to create an forts options transcript platform with impressive functionality.

how much money buzova makes are options worth

It will include an instant messenger, a social network and even a marketplace. You can see the details of the project in its whitepaper.

how much money buzova makes premium or option trade

We decided to find out what professional investors and businesspeople think about this. Its value today is provided only by the speculative element and popularity of Olga Buzova herself. The team that deals with this ICO is little-known.

how much money buzova makes do options

There are no ICO projects in her portfolio. There is no certainty that the team will cope with the tasks set. And there are lot of such tasks: creation of the whole social network, a trading platform and a number of other subprojects.

This requires very serious human resources.

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But even with their presence, there is no certainty that such a grandiose scope of tasks will be performed. But the Buzcoin PR was very good: news about the project was well covered by the media.

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Today, it is the only aspect that will allow the token price to move up for a while. First of all, because there is no guarantee that it will be completed.

What stirs the interest of the audience? A few years ago, Olga Buzova was not too popular leading reality "House-2".

Just think about this figure, and whether you want to invest in similar ICO. It is up to you to decide. For a ICO professional, there are five obvious signs that indicate that the project is in the red zone as for scam.

The first sign: there is an obvious PR on the name of a well-known person.

Crypto investors on Olga Buzova’s ICO: Freak project

It is not a bad thing, but it only works at the very beginning of the project. There is a certain celebrity that has no relation to high technologies, and a PR campaign begins. It is clear that the project is aimed at unexperienced and ignorant audience, unable to analyze, but falling for PR. There is simply a declaration that something will be done.

Olga Buzova

It means that when the product starts to develop, there will be a huge number of problems and unforeseen aspects. The third sign: there is fantastic functionality announced.

There will be a social network, and a marketplace, and everything possible. Professional teams have been developing separate components of this functionality for years, but it does not work, and this project states that everything should appear immediately — this idea is just a fantasy.

Men who filed applications, not confused by the wording of the title of the show. Indeed, given the wild popularity of the singer, and most importantly — the level of income, to get married have to really man. According to Forbes magazine Olga Buzova for the year earns 3.

The fourth sign: the declared team, which will deal with the functionality implementation, has no experience. The fifth sign: a huge hardcap is specified: it is the amount necessary to implement the project. Why such an amount is needed if there are no MVP and a clear plan?

how much money buzova makes long and short option

It can be seen that people want to get a lot of money on PR. At the same time, they hardly understand what they will do with this money.

how much money buzova makes writing an advisor for binary options

Separate parts of the claimed products are developed for a long time even by more professional teams and with a much smaller hardcap. The design looks great, everything seems to be beautiful, but if you look inside, you'll see a rotting fruit. Which conclusions may be drawn out of how much money buzova makes If guys wanted to seek publicity, then they coped with this task perfectly.

How much do Russian celebs make on Instagram?

It would how much money buzova makes good if everything stopped here. If the guys intend to consciously make scam — to get money and go on the run — then it's very sad. If they really believe that they can implement the declared functions without a product or team, thinking that "now we how much money buzova makes get money, buy Lamborghini, and only then look for developers, a team and everything else".

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