How much does Putin make money,

how much does Putin make money

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Messenger Just a couple of days before Russians began voting in a constitutional referendum in late June that is likely to pave the way for Vladimir Putin to stay on as president untilthe government announced a tax rise for well-off Russians.

It was widely seen as a populist gesture. The estimated addition to the treasury will be only 60 billion roubles, which Putin said would be spent on helping sick children.

Significant numbers of Russians still resent the wealth some of their fellow citizens acquired in the s as the country transitioned from communism to capitalism. These targets of hatred, however, are unlikely to be much affected by the latest tax hike.

  • In reality, he may be one of the world's richest people.
  • Why Vladimir Putin's tax hike for the rich won't bother Russia's oligarchs
  • This is far lower than the country's inputs—such as literacy levels and access to capital —would indicate.
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Listen to Recovery, a series from The Anthill Podcastto hear more about how the world recovered from past crises, including an episode on the post-Soviet transition in the s. But if you become a billionaire in Russia, you are more likely than in any G7 country to keep that status.

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Mutually beneficial: Putin meets with Potanin in December There have been times when they have been especially nudged into doing so: after the financial crisis, in December when the rouble crashed in the aftermath of the Crimean crisis, and now during the COVID crisis.

The hyper-rich chip in not only to pacify the Kremlin but also for their own sake.

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Many of them have set up their business empires by taking control of vast natural resources and large industrial complexes in remote areas, where they dominate as the single employer. Each recent crisis has given these foundations new meaning in these areas.

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In some regions, foundations attached to businesses tried to absorb some of the harm done to the local population following downsizing and layoffs in how much does Putin make money aftermath of the crisis. Their costs in doing so were minimal, but the tough business strategies proved lucrative.

Now, many of these oligarchs have come forward to help the state during the coronavirus crisis.

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At the end of June, Russia had the third-highest number of cases in the world after the US and Brazil. Other oligarchs were more hands-on.

Some even shut down airports near to their business empires to minimise the movement of people and prevent the spread of the virus. Mutual benefit It will work for them.

Stepping in to help

As much as Russians resent the s oligarchs, any negative sentiments have been successfully detached from the actual individuals. Men such as Potanin are now celebrated as much for their generosity as they are resented for their path to richesse.

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A how much does Putin make money tank collapsed, releasing more than 21, metric tons of diesel into the thawing permafrost and surrounding rivers. A few weeks later, his company suspended workers responsible for dumping waste water at a metals plant in the same area.

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Putin gets an update on the clean-up after the fuel spill in Norilsk. Environmental activists did their own investigation: the toxic fuel might have already reached the Arctic Ocean and Greenpeace Russia estimate the damages to the Arctic waterways at billion roubles.

  • Он очень надеялся, что Олвин этот урок усвоит.
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  • Разумеется,-- сейчас же добавил он,-- его разум может быть настолько отличен от нашего, что мы просто не в состоянии его оценить.
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