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They know how to make money in auto repair. Even though Bonded is one of the busiest shops in its area, they use Openbay to connect with new customers. Openbay has been fortunate to have worked with Bonded since our company began.

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He told us more about his background, and what he believes Bonded does to set itself apart. How did your auto-care career begin?

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I started off as a tech in at a small Ford dealership in Watertown Square, and then moved to other dealers. InI had the opportunity to become a service manager, and continued doing that until 24 yearswhen the opportunity came along here at Bonded Transmissions.

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What sets Bonded apart? Most people associate getting their cars repaired with going to the dentist painful experience. Having our customers feel that way is the last thing we want to do.

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My last company had been owned for years by a guy who had spent his career wanting to satisfy customers — even if it meant a loss — to have a good name and reputation.

How i made a lot of money auto once the new management took over the business, everything changed. They introduced pay plans that turned people into thieves; if you were a customer, you were going to buy something when you walked through the door.

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What I like about working here at Bonded is that I can be honest with people. I am not encouraged as most dealers do to oversell work to customers.

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I have to put my head on the pillow at night. My boss is a second-generation owner. His father started the business in Up untilBonded was a transmission shop only.

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So the business owner chose to branch out, and diversify into general repairs. What do you love about the business?

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We might say we dislike it — there are no unions, no benefits, hours are lousy. I like interacting with people, and the customers.

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Any great lessons from your 42 years in the industry? One thing I learned a long time ago, in my first job as a service manager, was the importance of being able to relate to women better. Our dealership had brought in a focus group — they took 25 customers who had complained.

And that tends to happen pretty often.

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That was a humbling but valuable lesson. I also received lots of training while with Ford as new products came out. The dealership owner was a mental case, and one day, he just walked up and fired the service manager, then gave me that job. I took the warranty and policies book home and read it over the weekend, and took some notes. And on Monday, I opened the store as a make five thousand quickly. Bonded Transmission is also a member of the Bosch Service Network here, and I had attended one of their seminars in New Orleans — it was useful and intense training, all about running a business.

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We come from different parts of the country and meet twice a year to discuss business challenges and best practices. How are things changing for automotive service providers? The cars are all made better, regardless of the manufacturer.

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