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The only debt I have is student loans and mortgage.

How you invest and save for retirement in your 40s can strongly impact your future assets.

I am working to pay off both hopefully in 5 to 8 years. I am have been to downsize my home since it is just me now but everything so far is more expensive than my current mortgage.

  • Building wealth takes time.
  • Sleep make money

I want to ensure I am making appropriate financial decisions as well as what would make me happy. I am ready to make some changes. Engaging in lifestyle deflation so that I can hit FI sooner, increasing my income, and reducing debt are my priorities.

How to save and build wealth in your 40s

I think my 40s will be great! Reply Link LeisureFreak Tommy January 10,am It was when I turned 40 that I made the decision to retire early and set my 10 year plan loose. I think reaching the top of my career goals and all the BS that came with it is what made me think there is more to life than this.

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When I left that career at age 51 everyone thought I was nuts. Best move I ever made. Opened things up to start a second career until I decided to retire again at age Now its following my passions and the occasional side hustle. Life is an adventure so who knows if I will start another run at something.

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  4. You might own your homehave likely hit something at least resembling a stride in your career and, if applicable, in parenthood.
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Reply Link retirebyforty January 10,pm Thanks for stopping by. Are you still working in some capacity now or are you full retired? Reply Link LeisureFreak Tommy January 10,pm Hey Joe, I started what I am calling an early retirement side hustle in Mid-October that was to end at end of year reverse engineering and documenting some telecom billing systems code.

Best gig I have every done and they decided to keep me through until this until May when I told them that would be my limit before returning to non-paid retirement. I transitioned from career 1 as a Telecom Network How to make money at 40 Engineer to an encore career as an How to make money for free Systems Analyst in the cable video world which opened up this latest side hustle after months of retirement bliss.

10 money making ideas for your 40s and 50s

I am not looking to restart my Telecom or IT career so this short gig is perfect. I may or may not pursue anything again longer-term but I never rule out another career run if something super cool comes my way.

  • Be confident about your retirement.
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All in all I feel pretty comfortable going into this decade. It sounds like the 40s will be your best decade yet.

3 Foolproof Ways to Build Wealth in Your 40s

Reply Link Merlion January 9,pm I am 50 and consider how to make money at 40 semi-retired and having a great time pursuing a physically active lifestyle, developing relationships and spending more time on my hobbies. Avoiding life-style creep was the biggest factor in helping me walk away from an extremely well-paid but demanding and stressful executive job in corporate America.

All it takes is the right mindset and a laser-sharp focus toward building wealth and increasing your net worth. But how do you get there? Becoming a Millionaire in Your 40s For the average person, becoming a millionaire conjures up thoughts of winning the lottery or receiving a large inheritance.

Reply Link retirebyforty January 10,pm Merlion, hanks for your input. Enjoy your semi-retirement!

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Reply Link Eric January 9,pm Do you really believe that debt-free includes no mortgage debt? I suppose that, psychologically, it may be helpful, but maintaining some very low-cost potentially negative in real terms leverage allows for one to continue to grow their cash assets in higher appreciating vehicles.

Just my thoughts.

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Thanks for the article! Also, you need to withdraw more money from your tax protected accounts to pay the mortgages.

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On top of this, your mortgage payment is typically paying interest in addition to principle. With no interest deduction no earned income in retirement your effective cost of that loan is actually quite a bit higher than the APR of the loan.

5 Best Money Moves to Make in Your 40s

Reply Link Kalie January 9,am Your plan sounds very similar to ours. Also I love your point about defining what you want your retirement to be about.

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Having a reason behind your goals is so much more motivating. Reply Link FYI January 9,am I think lifestyle creep is the most important part of the equation for this age group, provided the individuals in question already have the basics of saving for retirement down. Read a study a few weeks back indicating that expenditures actually rose for some in this age group even as kids were leaving the nest. More free time plus a higher income makes for a tantalizing reason to spend more money.

Lifestyle creep is dangerous without specific goals in place, especially this close to retirement. Plenty of time to spend money after you reach your goals.

While the something or even something woman is likely to have another 20 years of work ahead of her before retirement, the simple truth is that middle age has arrived and most mornings are starting with a stretch — ahhhh!

They probably have money burning a hole in their checking account when the kids became independent. Reply Link Money Beagle January 9,am As I just turned 40 a few months ago, this is a very well timed post from my perspective. For eg my 15 year mortgage rate is 2.

I am sure I can get more than that in other investments.

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