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The most commonly used functions are implemented as "hot keys" or toolbar buttons for rapid access.

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The spectrum window is often the primary user focus when using MAESTRO and up to eight live detectors and eight saved spectra can be displayed concurrently. Full trend lines power function expanded views of each spectrum are shown simultaneously.

The spectrum expanded view can be zoomed in to examine a specific peak or energy region.

Please place this Manual on the wall to display screw mounting position indication. If the backboard is deformed due to unfitted hanging case used, it might cause the internal sensor of the dart board occurring error or malfunction. The dashed line should be 2 meters above the ground.

Both windows display any marked Regions of Interest ROIsand the zoomed region is easily repositioned by simply clicking the new position in the full spectrum display.

When viewing a live detector, the spectrum view is updated in real time and provides current spectral data, live peak calculations, and hardware properties — even for ortek binary options instruments connected to different computers on the network. Viewing spectrum peaks, library energies, or regions of interest is simple with the convenient side panel buttons.

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Choose from a variety of color schemes, and display the spectrum as dots or filled bars. These settings can be used to create the optimal view for various lighting conditions or simply to suit your preference.

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Fast Mariscotti Peak Search to instantly mark Regions of Interest based ortek binary options user-defined sensitivity settings. Nuclide Identification from libraries tailored to the application.

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Isotope markers show the location of library energies with amplitude estimation at each peak to confirm identification. Peak Calculations including centroid, shape, gross and net area with uncertainty, and semi-quantitative nuclide activity based on peak abundance corrections.

Choice of number of channels averaged to determine background.

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Improved FWHM accuracy when peak centroid falls between two channels. Spectrum overlay for direct visual comparison of sample results to a reference.

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Spectrum Stripping to clearly reveal differences or remove background. Spectrum Smoothing to improve statistically poor peak shape.

These features are available with saved spectra or when operating on a detector.

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Automation with Jobs Although interfacing with MAESTRO from the toolbar and menus is simple and intuitive, this method of operation does not guarantee consistent processing that is often needed for measurements performed frequently or by different individuals. This approach is frequently used to establish consistent processes from a common initiation point, and provides a simple method to run multiple Jobs in separate instances of MAESTRO.

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Instruments that are dependent on a host computer, such as plug-cards or USB devices, can be shared on a network through the MCB Servers running on each computer. This process allows bit Windows 7 computers to operate instruments that are not bit compatible through their ortek binary options host computers.

This application layer encompasses all of the hardware drivers and communication protocols that are necessary for software applications to control the MCB Multichannel Buffer instruments. The MCB Properties pages are tailored to the specific instrument such that only the applicable features are presented to the user.

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