What is an option with shares in ooo. OOO share price and company information for ASX:OOO

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How to gain exposure to oil? Where is the oil price going?

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The recent production cut agreed to by OPEC of 1. There are still some factors hindering the rise in the price of oil.

what is an option with shares in ooo

Fear of weaker demand for oil has oversupplied the market due to the potential global slowdown in the global economy, supported by recession fears. Saudi Arabia also just had their largest on record output of oil, oversupplying the market.

what is an option with shares in ooo

Venezuela has also slid in their output due to the turmoil in their country. US shale oil has a large contribution to oversupplying the market, but there is one key fact that hurts the output from the United States. If the oil price stays at these low levels will naturally correct the effect, causing production cuts by shale producers till oil prices recover; otherwise, they will incur too many loses.

what is an option with shares in ooo

Demand tends to pick up from January onwards due to the Northern Hemisphere demanding more oil coming out of winter. When will oil fight back?

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In theory, it will take a couple of months after a production cut for the price of oil to react to demand pressures. Supported by the seasonal demand pressures from January onwards will hopefully see a gradual increase in oil price over six months, this is on the basis that supply has dropped and economic growth continues.

what is an option with shares in ooo

There is a strong probability the oil price would stabilise and gain over the next few months due to production cuts from Canada, OPEC and Russia set to come into effect after January. Asset Management.

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what is an option with shares in ooo

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what is an option with shares in ooo

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