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Business News Daily Staff Updated Nov 17, Computers infected with viruses or malware pose a risk to your privacy and security. Find out how to fight back. Viruses and malware are common and can have drastically negative results on your computer and life.

Although photos taken by a mobile phone traditionally have been grainy and out of focus, the latest smart-phone cameras should satisfy most casual photographers.

Instantly share photos with friends and family by uploading the images from your smart phone to Facebook or sending them in an e-mail.

Built-in editing software and free apps such as Instagram let you edit and customize photos on the fly. Many phones already allow you to record high-definition video. And with a smart phone, you can instantly upload a video to YouTube or save it to the cloud, allowing you to the computer makes you money by itself it from your phone before it starts taking up too much memory.

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In Washington, D. Another advantage to using your smart phone as your primary calling device is the ease with which you can make international calls. If you decide to lose your landline, first make sure you get decent cell reception around your house.

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Not only can you set multiple alarms on the same device, but you can program the alarms to go off on a regular schedule, for example at 7 A. Monday through Friday.

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There are also some great apps that can optimize the alarm clock on your smart phone. Mobile devices offer countless free games, including popular apps such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.

According to one recent study, smartphone users dedicate 39 percent of their time to games. Sony has announced plans to make PlayStation Mobile available on more Android devices in the future.

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