The difference between a demo account and a real one

Difference Between Forex Demo and Real Account - Forex Education

April 22, Trading forex is not easy, and there is certainly some amount of risk to it, especially if you are brand new to the trading industry.

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This is why new users are often advised to use forex demo accounts to start things off. In fact, this is why demo accounts exist, although they do have other uses.

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However, that still doesn't mean that you should make a mistake and think that forex demo accounts are accurate. They are not, for a variety of reasons. Today, we will comb through some of these reasons and see how forex demo trading differs from live trading.

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About forex demo accounts For those who might not know, forex demo accounts are training accounts that you can make and practice trading. They do not use real money, and so there is absolutely no risk involved. You can use them to test out different trading strategies and get a feel of the market.

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You can use them to see how the prices change, test entering and exiting positions, and try to earn some money without investing anything.

Of course, the money you will earn will also be fake money that you can't cash out and use, but it is still good enough for practice. With them, you can learn some basic, but still important concepts that you need to know for trading forex. Things like entering and exiting positions, long and short positions, pips, and alike are all necessary knowledge that you can pick up and test with a demo account.

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You can also use them to test a new platform if you decide to move and give a new broker's platform a chance. This is certainly preferable to arriving at a new platform and going live immediately, without knowing which way is up.

Lastly, if you wish to make a change in your trading strategy, test out a new approach, and alike — it is always good to use a demo account for such tests than to try them out live straight away.

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