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What Is a Supplier and What Is Their Role in a Business? Read More

Five Keys to Making Money in Distribution by Jason Bader I recently interviewed a third-generation distributor about how his company has remained healthy over so many years.

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He told me it all came down to the fundamentals of distribution. Companies need to understand their core competency and then stay true to that focus. Points of uncertainty and instability can be attributed to the times they took their eye off the ball.

When in Retail, How Do You Make Profit From Your Wholesale Purchases?

After my conversation with this gentleman, I started to think about all the times someone has said that you need to get back to the fundamentals. But what does that mean? In this article, I will give you an overview of five fundamentals in distribution. They just weren't emphasized in my family business. It was only when I started seeking outside coursework and seminars that I began to understand that making money in distribution went beyond selling something for more than I paid for it.

Start with the income statement. It is the most useful tool to look for leaking cash. Once you get a feel how do suppliers make money what you are reading, start combing through the operating expenses for areas to correct.

A good friend of mine spent about six months pouring through his income statement. He made changes in telecommunications, vehicles, office supplies, even garbage service. It was well long and short option his time. Budgeting in distribution is a tough exercise.

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Most of us get hung up on the income side. Since we usually feel like our income projections are tantamount to pixie dust, we discredit the whole exercise.

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The real key is in the expense side of the exercise. Cash flow trouble keeps most business owners sleeping like babies waking up and bawling every two hours.

Wholesaler: What Is It?

A great deal of this anxiety is fear of the unknown. A budget helps alleviate some of that fear. Again, the income may be significantly different from your budget. As it fluctuates, you can make adjustments within the framework of a bigger plan. Going without a financial plan is a recipe for a lot of sleepless nights.

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Skipping cash discounts is like signing up for a high-interest credit card. When we skip a discount, and hold on to our money for an additional 20 to 25 days, we are essentially signing up for a loan from the supplier.

Most of us can borrow at a much better rate how do suppliers make money this. This works the same way if you are giving cash discounts to customers. Quit doing this.

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At how do suppliers make money quit giving cash terms to your least profitable customers. Need some more incentive?

If you don't feel comfortable around financials, ask for help. Most distribution companies were started by salespeople who thought they could do it better than their previous employer. Face it, most salespeople are not closet accountants. Swallow your pride and get some education.

How to Find and Work With Suppliers

There are great seminars and workshops focused on finance for non-financial managers, and books written in plain language. Finally, ask your CPA for help. Understanding cash flow will help you survive some of the deepest sales recessions. Have you ever asked? Most distributors think they can answer this question but have never done the research to back it up.

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I recently helped a client understand the difference between sales and marketing. Marketing is not sales.

Marketing makes sales more effective.

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You will learn a great deal about your company, how do suppliers make money positive and negative, by asking your customers. If you have an Internet savvy customer base, Web-based surveys might be your best bet.

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If your customers prefer personal interaction, you might have to conduct phone interviews or focus groups. The point is, don't guess about your core competencies, ask your customers.

Many of us have tried to take our company outside the current market. Sometimes this means looking at another trade type or customer segment. Other times, we make geographic moves that cause us to lose our identity.

Brian Edmondson Updated June 08, When starting an online businessone of the key elements is having products to sell. In the vast world of internet entrepreneurship, there are many answers to all of those questions. You could create your own products—but that can be a long and time-consuming process. Or you could buy in bulk from a manufacturer and then ship out products to your customers as they buy.

I have personally experienced both. As many of you know, I grew up in construction supply.

Five Keys to Making Money in Distribution

Every few years, we would decide to court the industrial contractor. The products were the same, so why not? There was a very big why not. Industrial contractors do not have the same service needs as the job site contractor. It's like apples and oranges. Both are fruit, but the two are very different.

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I also learned painful lessons about entering into a different geographic market. This time, we worked with the same type of customer, but the geographic differences in application proved to be the insurmountable obstacle.

Keeping that cash flow coming is a key factor in keeping your business healthy - and that means getting your customers to make their payments on time. The longer a retailer can put off paying their supplier, the more capital they have to invest in other, more immediate aspects of their business. Understandable, but this is also the root of the problem. Shifting the debt to the supplier still affects the health of the overall supply chain, just in a different place. Increasing payment terms can be a short term solution to a bigger cash flow issue.

In both cases, I did not honor what made me successful. I am not advocating that you rest on your laurels.

First, do the research and ask yourself if it fits within your core competencies. Are you built to do business the way the market requires?

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