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Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via Email The economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has got many of us looking for new ways to make the most of our money.

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That's spurred a surge in demand for financial advice and investment opportunities, particularly among young people. Yet, knowing where to start can remain tricky.

Internet investments in 2020 experienced investors are generally advised to kick-start their investing careers with regular, automated installments into low-cost, passively-managed funds.

The new accounts may represent "new investors who sense a generational-buying moment but do not have much background in the equity space," said Citi chief U. A spike in new accounts at online brokers show that young and inexperienced investors saw the coronavirus downturn as an entry point into the world of investing and not a time to hunker down. But young people apparently saw it as an opportunity and began buying familiar technology stocks. In March, stocks started to rebound led by resilient tech stocks.

Exchange-traded funds or index fundsfor instance, provide access to a broad range of stocks with strong long-term growth potential, and require little involvement on your end.

More experienced investors, and those with more time on internet investments in 2020 hands, may prefer to opt for individual stocks.

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And with many industries now performing well below their pre-pandemic levels, there are real opportunities to be had, according to investment experts CNBC Make It spoke to.

Technology If there's been one beneficiary from the current downturn, it's technology, experts said.

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The rapid transition to remote work and schooling, as well new demand for online services from health care to shopping and entertainment, have seen the sector outperform all others. This crisis might accelerate the trend towards more digitization.

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  • 9 Best Investments In | Bankrate
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Tuan Huynh chief investment officer how to make profit on options emerging markets, Deutsche Bank Wealth Management That presents a good short-term investment opportunity as demand for tech products continues to rise under ongoing lockdowns.

But it also points to a long-term play for the sector, given its "strong fundamental trajectory," noted Fidelity's sector strategist Denise Chisholm.

Indeed, the crisis may have increased its growth potential. Consumer discretionary Another strong performer in the downturn has been the consumer discretionary sector, which includes retailers and food and entertainment businesses. Though negative for the year, the sector has managed to beat the overall market.

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NerdWallet's O'Shea notes that's because they offer consumers some relief at this time. So far this year, the sector has also outperformed the wider market, noted O'Shea. Energy Finally, the energy sector — which has taken a pummeling amid sinking oil prices and continues to lag other sectors —shows signs of a strong recovery, noted Fidelity's Chisholm.

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For long-term, buy-and-hold investors, it's wise to have exposure to all corners of the market. Arielle O'Shea investing and retirement advisor, Nerdwallet "Energy has managed to outperform historically despite a deterioration of fundamentals," Chisholm said.

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Starting out Online trading platforms and brokerage firms make it easier than ever to invest in individual stocks and sectors that you believe have strong growth potential. However, investments are always unpredictable, and it makes sense to cover yourself by building a diversified portfolio, experts advised.

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That may include investing in a variety of sectors, as well as a range of asset classes, such as bonds, which can offer lower volatility during a downturn.

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