How to make money on a bong website. How Much Can You Make Owning A Smoke Shop? | Detailed Guide |

Weed Businesses Can’t Put Their Money In Banks, So They Put It In Bongs

how to make money on a bong website

AdWords is a no-no as well. You see, Geng sells bongs and other glassware items at Smoke Cartelthe online headshop he co-founded almost three years ago.

Platforms like Facebook and AdWords will not allow advertisements that promote the use of recreational drugs, tobacco, or related paraphernalia.

Thus, the latest smoke products are playing a vital role in improving your smoke shop profit. So, it is straight forward to say that owning a smoke shop will be beneficial for an individual. Now, the question arises how much you can earn by owning a smoke shop. From beginning to the development of your business, here you will learn the detailed information.

This meant, in part, making Google happy. Substantively improving load times by using a traditional enterprise ecommerce solution would likely be cost prohibitive. So Geng zigged where many would have zagged An Out of the Box Upgrade The decision to upgrade to Shopify Plusan enterprise level ecommerce platform for high volume merchants, was made in July Not only would the platform position Geng to improve page speed, but Geng was also able to offer customers peace of mind with SSL encryption that promises to keep customer data secure.

how to make money on a bong website

But afterward, the company saw CTR increase to 1. Additionally, Geng says Smoke Cartel generally ranks first, second, or third for the majority of the most popular glassware items consumers search for.

how to make money on a bong website

The discount offered might even be a cheaper alternative to PPC ads as drivers of traffic. Second, Geng wanted to upend the traditional way ecommerce merchants regularly offer gift cards or promotions which often winds up eroding margins more than intended.

On a warm evening in the middle of January, Kemp handed out bottles of water and offered his guests the opportunity of a lifetime: to take hit after hit of hash oil off of one-of-a-kind glass pipes worth tens of thousands of dollars each.

Geng is using the gift card API to generate unique coupons to reward customers for taking certain actions on the Smoke Cartel website. While Geng has been able to successfully navigate how he markets and sells his glassware, he actually hopes the way he does business in five how to make money on a bong website looks nothing like it does today.

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